The Lazy Fundraiser's Guide to Raising Six Figures This Fall

The Lazy Fundraiser's Guide to Raising Six Figures This Fall

Get started with cause marketing from the comfort of your beach towel or chair. You'll raise six-figures in September!

I’ve been relaxing in my garden.

It's been a busy year and I'm looking forward to just hanging out - and gardening - in July and August.

I’m sure you're planning your own downtime.

But I bet you're thinking of September and all that money you have to raise from businesses. I know, the boss is on your back and it's only July. I used to have a boss, too, you know. I remember the drill.

But here's something the boss won't tell you: relax, chill. I got your back.

In this post, I'll guide you to six-figure success this fall.

Let's get started by laying the groundwork of what cause marketing is (aka fundraising with businesses).

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Raising Money After Disaster, Tragedy: Two Resources

Yesterday on the For Momentum blog I wrote a post on How Businesses Should Respond After a Tragedy.

I had a front row seat to the Boston Marathon bombings and watched as businesses - with their customers and employees - contributed millions to the victims. As the weeks and months passed more disasters and tragedies occurred but with dissimilar fundraising results. I thought, "We have to do a better job educating businesses on why and how they should respond after a disaster."

I shared a few ideas in my post, but here are two additional resources.

Cone Webinar on Effective Natural Disaster Response

Today at 2pm Cone Communications is following up its latest report, the Disaster Relief Trend Tracker, with a free webinar Insights into Effective Natural Disaster Response - What Consumers Expect and What Companies Can Do.

Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council on Letting Supporters Do Their Own Things

In my post on For Momentum, I suggested that businesses need to give do-gooders the resources and infrastructure they need to support causes (Think Panera Cares Cafes as an example). On September 17th David Hessekiel's RWR Fundraising Council will host a free webinar on how nonprofits can empower supporters to do their own thing.

As David points out, "Many flexible nonprofit organizations that embrace this trend instead of fighting it are reaping big benefits."

You can sign up for Raising Big Dollars By Letting Supporters Do Their Own Thing here.

We need to find a better way to spread the wealth of business giving after disasters and tragedies. We also need to give donors as many ways as possible to raise money for causes. Giving businesses or individuals an excuse to say NO is inexcusable.

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How to Make a Mobile Donation in One Minute (or Less)'s Bob Jones sent me these three attractive QR Codes to prove just how easy it is to make a donation on your mobile device. Try it for yourself. Regardless of your mobile device, you can find a QR Code reader in your app store. 

  1. Open the app and hold your device over the QR Code.
  2. The code will link you to a mobile page with the nonprofit's logo.
  3. Press GIVE NOW.
  4. Choose the amount you want to donate, or just send $1 as a test. (If you're hesitant about making a donation on your phone, no problem. Scroll down to email your pledge to yourself so you can donate from your computer.)
  5. Log in to Paypal and confirm your donation. If you're not signed up on Paypal you can plug in your credit card number. Either way, your password or credit card info will be saved for next time, which will make your donating even faster!

I followed these steps and completed a mobile donation to all three charities. The first one to Ace took me over a minute as I fumbled to follow my own directions. But donating to the other two took less than a minute!

Donating on your mobile device is fast, easy and secure. Mobile donations are here!

The hill to climb now is ADOPTION. If you've every used a service like LevelUp, Square, the Starbucks mobile payment app or another service, paying with your phone may already be second nature. But many others are just getting started.

When I was at Starbucks the other day using my phone to pay for my drink, the man behind me said: "Did you just pay with your phone?!"

We still have a little way to go. But this freight train is coming, and it's ahead of schedule.

More details: 7 Ways to Raise Money with QR Codes

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CauseTalk Radio Ep37: HopeMob Crowdsources Generosity for Holiday, Year Round

What is the holiday season about if not hope?

On today's show, Megan and I are full of hope as we talk to Shaun King, CEO of HopeMob. King founded HopeMob as a place where individual stories of challenge and hardship can be heard and acted on by its community of generous supporters.

King explains HopeMob's simple but powerful formula of building community before platform and how nonprofits are plugging into this unique, crowd-sourced community. Join us for a heartwarming episode that's sure to keep hope alive this holiday season!

Book Review: Measuring the Networked Nonprofit

Beth Kanter's first book, The Networked Nonprofit, taught us how to use social media tools. Her latest book, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit, which is co-authored by Katie Delahaye Paine, teaches us how to measure what we've done.

The whole idea of measurement and insight has been on my brain for two reasons.

First, During Pinktober Megan Strand and I interviewed the author of Pink Ribbons Inc. on CauseTalk Radio. I initially thought we'd be on opposite sides of the argument, but I found myself nodding in agreement throughout our conversation. She wasn't against cause marketing, as I had wrongly assumed. But she did have some good questions on measurement and insight within the pink ribbons movement. What was the real value of breast cancer awareness? How was success being measured? What goals have and haven't been achieved? You can listen to the show yourself, but I concluded Pinktober needed less emotion and ribbon-waving and more measurement and insight.

My second run in with measurement peaked after the presidential election. How could so many people say for so long that the race was so close only to have Romney lose in a landslide? They're now saying that Romney will get two to three million fewer votes than McCain did in 2008. How is that possible as no one ever called that race a close one? What was and wasn't measured and why did pollsters draw different conclusions from the data?

Lastly, who the hell is this wicked smart guy Nate Silver that everyone is talking about?

Obviously, I have a lot to learn about measuring the success of just about everything.

That's why I want to finish Beth and Katie's book so I can better teach my clients how to measure the success of their social media efforts. What I've really liked about the book so far is it has a ton of case studies. The authors also don't assume you've read Beth's first book (or even her blog) and implemented all the things she suggested.

This book has something for everyone. Even if you're still crawling when others are walking, running and flying (the four stages of becoming data informed in the book), you'll learn something.

A book like this raises the bar for everything you do. Sure, it teaches you how to measure your effectiveness on social media and how to make better decisions. But It also challenges you to do everything better through measurement and insight. For nonprofits, the result will be a better world, which I'm sure Beth and Katie are eager to measure.

Halloween Fundraising 101: A Killer Guide for Nonprofits

It's Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, especially when it comes to fundraising and cause marketing. I could write yet another post on Halloween but I've said it all before. Here's a round-up of some of my best Halloween posts on fundraising and cause marketing from my blog and around the web.

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P. S. Those of you who know me well know I'm an avid gardener. I laughed out loud when I saw this tweet from the flower peeps @proven_winners.

What a tribute to one of the first and best horror films ever! I plan to add this beauty to my garden next year. A summer reminder of what's to come: Halloween!