Hurricane Sandy One Year Later: Where's the Cause Marketing?


I'm on the lookout for cause marketing connected to Hurricane Sandy, which struck the east coast a year ago this week. The need is still great. One brand that hasn't forgotten the vicitms is the natural foods company KIND.

Check out my post on the Razoo blog today. And let me know if you see any examples of cause marketing focused on the one year anniversary.

iBeacon on Apple's iOS 7 Could be a Homerun for Cause Marketers


Today on the For Momentum Blog, I have a new post: Apple's 5S, iOS 7 Has Plenty of Goodies for Cause Marketing.

I think the most interesting feature of iOS 7 is iBeacon.

iBeacon is "micro-location" because it's designed to work in a physical location (like a store) with your phone - specifically your retail apps. With an iBeacon transmitter businesses can better interact with smartphone-toting consumers in and near their stores. Sure, they can push coupons to them when they walk in the door, but they can also give them one when they linger in a particular aisle or over a specific product.

Companies can even push reminders to consumers. "Last time you were on our website you were searching for a blend of coffee that we have in stock."

The tie-ins with cause marketing are endless. I highlight a few in my blog post.

Late last week, MediaPost had an interesting article on how Major League Baseball plans to use iBeacon. In addition to the usual stuff, like pushing coupons to fans when they enter the ballpark, iBeacon can help teams engage with fans throughout the game. And the discussion doesn't always have to be about baseball.

Upgrade your seats to the first base line. Proceeds benefit the Greater Boston Food Bank.

Support the Jimmy Fund in the 7th inning. 50 cents from every hot dog sold - up to $5,000 - goes to the cancer charity.

According to an industry whitepaper on iBeacon, “We believe it has significant potential--especially for retailers and any marketer engaged with event sponsorship or location-based marketing,” stated a recent Razorfish whitepaper. The agency suggested iBeacon could power mobile payments as well.

If mobile is the future of cause marketing, iBeacon may be the transporter that takes us there!

It's My Birthday! Using Special Occasions for Cause Marketing


Today's my birthday! Nothing like being a day closer to 50! (Ok, I'm a few years from that, but I think about it a lot for some reason). Fortunately, I have my twin brother, Jeff, to keep me company for the ride.

If you're an email subscriber, I had some great gifts in my newsletter yesterday. I hope you took advantage of them. I'll be sending out books in the next week or so, and notifying others about free consultations, webinars and gift cards. Please be patient. I got a huge response!

A special occasion like a birthday is a great time to point out the value of using special occasions, holidays and even special moments for cause marketing. These times are your fundraising friends! Here are some helpful resources for you.

Pinterest Holiday Boards (I have holiday cause marketing boards for most of the major holidays!)

4 Reasons to Have a Halloween Fundraiser Next Year, 8 Ways to Get Started (As the second largest consumer holiday of the year, Halloween is a great holiday for cause marketing!)

Pinterest Board: #FWB40 - Special Occasion Fundraiser (This is the companion board to my new book that will be out in December. I have a whole chapter on special occasion fundraisers.)

Charities and the Royal Baby (This is a wonderful post from Howard Lake on how UK charities used the birth of the royal baby to generate awareness for their causes. Bloody brilliant!)

A couple things to remember:

Be flexible. Some special occasions are less formal than Christmas or Thanksgiving. In 2013, car maker Volkswagen used the Discovery Channel’s annual airing of Shark Week to launch a hashtag fundraiser to help save sharks. The auto maker donated $2 for every tweet with the hashtag #VWsharkweek.

Don't forget special moments. A UK charity is asking parents and children to donate the money they get from the Tooth Fairy. These Tooth Fairy Heroes will help save elephants from being killed for their tusks!

Mmmm....Donuts....for a Cause

Purple with a Purpose donut

To raise awareness and money for the Massachusetts/New Hampshire chapter of the Alzheimer's Association during World Alzheimer’s Month, Dunkin Donuts is going Purple with a Purpose. All this week, Dunkin’ Donuts customers can buy the Purple with a Purpose Donut, a vanilla-frosted donut topped with purple sprinkles. While Dunkin is only saying that a portion of purple donut sales this week will support ALS, the donut chain has donated $70,000 since 2009.

Update 9/18: $0.33 cents of each Purple with a Purpose donut will be donated.

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Cuppy and Alzheimer's Table (1)

Remembering 9/11 and the Cause Marketing That Wasn't


I will never forget 9/11. I will never forget the people we lost on 9/11. I will never forget the people who died after 9/11 because of 9/11.

In the past 12 years there hasn't been a lot of cause marketing connected with September 11th. Maybe that's a good thing. But, according to Cone's Craig Bida, there's no reason why cause marketing can't be done well on 9/11. Craig's 2011 article in on the tenth anniversary of the tragedy has some good and bad examples of 9/11 cause marketing.

Craig also offers five fundamental principles of cause branding that are particularly relevant for companies considering any 9/11-related promotion.

Another issue we should weigh on this day is how money is raised and dispersed to victims and their families after a tragedy or disaster. Over 3,000 people died on 9/11 and $7 billion dollars was distributed to families in the aftermath. Much of this money came from Americans who felt the only way they could help was to give money.

Likewise, after the Boston Bombings, tens of millions was raised for the victims.

Ken Feinberg oversaw the distribution of funds in both New York and Boston. I remember reading that he said a woman whose child died in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing wrote a letter asking him where her check was.

Was her lost nor worthy of of our generosity?

We need a better way of collecting and distributing funds after a tragedy or disaster. As I recently wrote, the next tragedy is right around the corner. How deep the pain is, and how long it will last will be largely up to us.

Almost as Good as Cash

Today over at the Razoo blog I'm writing on product donations. How to get them and alternative ideas if you don't.

I really like the product donation General Motors made to Detroit-based Empowerment Plan. They employ homeless women to make coats for the homeless that can also be used as sleeping bags.

To support the effort, General Motors is donating scrap sound-absorption material from its Chevy Malibu and Buick Verano models as insulation.

My point: If you can't get a product, how about a portion of it?

Another great example of thinking differently about product donations is Celestron's partnership with Astronomers Without Borders. When AWB wanted to sell its own cause telescope, Celestron sourced the components for the scope from China. Who knows better how to find quality parts for a telescope - and get them at a fair price - than the largest telescope telescope maker!

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