3 Pinup Programs that Have Raised Nonprofits Millions

Today, over at the Razoo blog, Inspiring Generosity, I wrote a post on a successful pinup program between Shake Shack and Share Our Strength that raised $135,000 at just ten store. It's definitely worth a deeper dive if you're interested in pinups as a fundraiser for your business partners. You might not have heard of pinups, but I bet you've bought one. Pinups - sometimes called scannables, paper icons, mobiles, pinups, register programs - are sold by cashiers for a buck or two and then displayed in the store for all to see. 

Pinups can raise a lot of money. Here are two million dollar programs and another program that could one day be a seven-figure success.


MDA Shamrocks

I started my career with the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the early 1990's and remember all too well delivering Shamrock pinups to Boston businesses. Even then Shamrocks were a classic fundraising practice. Today, Shamrocks are still going strong and raising millions of dollars annually. Just this past March Lowe's home stores teamed up with MDA to raise over $7 million. 

OSJL Pinup 263x300

Ocean State Job Lot Gift Box

I ran this program at my last job. On average, we raised several hundred thousand dollars in just a few weeks in December. The last time I checked this local pinup program at 100 Ocean State Job Lot stores had raised $1.6 million since 2004. This program is a great example of how pinups can raise any nonprofit - local or national - a lot of money.

KFC, Taco Bell & DQ Dishing Out Meals to End Hunger

Maggie Keenan, a branding and cause marketing consultant in Savannah, Georgia, is a graduate of my Six Figure Cause Marketing course, a program that shows nonprofits and businesses how to develop and execute an effective and lucrative pinup program. Maggie was always a top student, and gets an A+ for this pinup program that teamed the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the KFCMAGGIE1  1Homeless, Inc. and Hodges Management Company, which owns the local KFCs, Taco Bells and DQ Grill & ChillsDishing Out Meals: Fighting to End Hunger & Homelessness in Our Community raised over $33,000 in its first year.

Next week, I'm teaming up with CharityHowTo.com to offer Six Figure Cause Marketing - The Power of Pinups in a special two-part course, which also includes a copy of my book Cause Marketing for Dummies. If you're interested in raising an extra $100,000, $300,000 or even $500,000 for your nonprofit, this is the program for you!

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