The Real Scoop on QR Codes. Are They Right for Your Cause?

I'm happy to announce the release of my new book, QR Codes for Dummies. It was a really fun book to write! As many of you know, I love the intersection of cause and mobile technology and QR Codes are right there connecting the two. 

You can download a sample chapter here. Enjoy. Of course, you can buy the full book at Amazon or wherever wicked awesome books are sold. :)
A lot of people wonder why I wrote a book on QR Codes. Even my mother was like, "Joe, QR Codes, really?" I found myself nodding in agreement. 
Here's what I really believe about QR Codes.
QR Codes won't be around forever 

There's just too much other great technology in the pipeline that will soon overtake these black and white mazes. I discuss this new technology in the book. It includes near field communications (NFC) and augmented reality. 
However, QR Codes are the tool of the moment and are the most recognizable link between the real world and the digital world. Let's use them well while they are here!

QR Codes work best with teens and women

EVERYONE is scanning QR Codes, but teens and women are top scanners.
  • Young people seem to love QR Codes the most. Teen Vogue recently reported that nearly half of its readers are scanning QR Codes. They know this because you can track QR Code scans (something you can learn more about in my book). If your nonprofit works with young people, make QR codes a priority.
  • Women will be the next big adopters of QR Codes. You can't open a women's magazine or pick up a product for the ladies that doesn't have a QR Code on it. If your nonprofit serves women, or if you target mainly women donors, QR Codes may be a good fit.

QR Codes aren't the Big Show

QR Codes are more like a side show when you compare them to the main act of businesses and nonprofits having a mobile strategy that will bring the physical and digital worlds together. Remember, the future of nonprofit marketing is targeting supporters where they are and where they care.

QR Codes are leaning in the right direction, even if they will be remembered as the stone wheel in a high tech revolution.