How to Make a Mobile Donation in One Minute (or Less)'s Bob Jones sent me these three attractive QR Codes to prove just how easy it is to make a donation on your mobile device. Try it for yourself. Regardless of your mobile device, you can find a QR Code reader in your app store. 

  1. Open the app and hold your device over the QR Code.
  2. The code will link you to a mobile page with the nonprofit's logo.
  3. Press GIVE NOW.
  4. Choose the amount you want to donate, or just send $1 as a test. (If you're hesitant about making a donation on your phone, no problem. Scroll down to email your pledge to yourself so you can donate from your computer.)
  5. Log in to Paypal and confirm your donation. If you're not signed up on Paypal you can plug in your credit card number. Either way, your password or credit card info will be saved for next time, which will make your donating even faster!

I followed these steps and completed a mobile donation to all three charities. The first one to Ace took me over a minute as I fumbled to follow my own directions. But donating to the other two took less than a minute!

Donating on your mobile device is fast, easy and secure. Mobile donations are here!

The hill to climb now is ADOPTION. If you've every used a service like LevelUp, Square, the Starbucks mobile payment app or another service, paying with your phone may already be second nature. But many others are just getting started.

When I was at Starbucks the other day using my phone to pay for my drink, the man behind me said: "Did you just pay with your phone?!"

We still have a little way to go. But this freight train is coming, and it's ahead of schedule.

More details: 7 Ways to Raise Money with QR Codes

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