CauseTalk Radio Ep64: The Company that Cares the Most Wins Consumers' Hearts

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Nic Covey, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility for Nielsen, about a new global study on consumer attitudes toward companies and social responsibility. 

Nic discusses how consumers are expecting more from companies than ever before, and how the sentiment is shared worldwide by global citizens. We also explore fresh research on how consumers are putting their money where their hearts are. Not only do they buy products from responsible companies, but they'll pay more for products and services that align with their social values.

Tune in now for a show that will update you on the latest cause research from a company that's been analyzing what consumers are buying and why since 1923!

CauseTalk Radio Ep47: What's the Key to Nonprofit Success, Money or Talent?

What's more important to a nonprofit's success, money or talent? That's the topic of discussion on today's CauseTalk Radio.

Megan and I talk to Lynda Gerty, co-author of The Abundant Not-for-Profit and Director of Engagement at Vantage Point.  This new book combines theory with tactics, case studies and practical tools to show how organizations can attract, meaningfully engage and integrate all the talent available in the community.

Is skill really more important than dollars? Megan and I share our doubts. But Lynda presents a powerful, relevant case that the untapped treasure for nonprofits is talent, not money.

Tune in now!

CauseTalk Radio Ep42: Child Mind Institute Shines Light on Children's Mental Health

The tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in December have brought widespread attention to the issue of children's mental health.

On today's show, Megan interviews Dr. Harold Koplewicz, Founding President of the Child Mind Institute, the only nonprofit dedicated to this very cause. Established in 2009, Child Mind Institute has made great strides on an issue that still holds so much public stigma.

Dr. Koplewicz shares his philosophy that, to make progress on this complicated issue, the conversation has to spread far and wide involving everyone from corporate partners to celebrities and everyone in between.

Tune in now for this special episode.

CauseTalk Radio Ep41: Carrotmob Dangles Money for Businesses that Embrace Change

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On today's show, Megan and I talk to Alex Gold, Director of Partnerships at Carrotmob, about the power of buycotts - campaigns in which a group of people offer to spend their money to support a business. In return, the business agrees to make an improvement that the people care about.

Buycotts are an interesting idea, and Alex explains how they are being used with by consumer goods companies such as Unilever.

Are you tired of the threats and attacks that often precede any kind of meaningful change? Carrotmob is proposing a new model based  on incentives and money. A "carrot" instead of a "stick"!

Tune in now!

CauseTalk Radio Ep39: Cone's Craig Bida Sees Future of Cause Marketiing in 2013 Crystal Ball

In today's episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Craig Bida, Executive Vice President of Cause Branding at Cone, on lessons learned in 2012, and how cause marketers should adjust their course in 2013. We share some of our favorite programs from last year and Craig looks ahead with his 5 Anti-Trends for 2013.

If you want to hear from a razor sharp leader in the field who wisely avoided the spiked egg nog over the holidays and instead focused on peering into the future of cause marketing, you should resolve to listen to this episode! We promise you'll feel better and more alive than our producer Pete Wright and Ted Strand, Megan's husband, felt after eating this bacon bomb!

CauseTalk Radio Ep10: Atlantic BT Talks Mobile, Nonprofit and $25k Contest

In this episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Tonia Zampieri, Mobile Strategist, Atlantic BT about how mobile technology is changing nonprofit communications and cause marketing partnerships. We discuss having separate mobile strategies for smartphones and tablets, and some interesting new research on the connection between emotion and mobile ads.

Tonia also walks us through a new contest being sponsored by Atlantic BT that will give one lucky nonprofit a mobile makeover worth $25,000!



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