CauseTalk Radio Ep04: Bikinis That Give Back & Cities that Give Big

In this episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk with Geoff Livingston, author and Vice President at

We discuss a new Case Foundation report on Giving Days, and the success small nonprofits in Washington D. C. have had with the program. Up to 40 U. S. cities may roll out Giving Days in 2012.

We also talk about The Nature Conservancy's partnership with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue that has created a firestorm of controversy - especially among staffers - for the country's leading environmental organization.



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Case Foundation Report: How Giving Contests Can Strengthen Nonprofits and Communities Nature Conservancy Faces Flap Over Fundraising Deal to Promote Swimsuit Issue SI Swimsuit Issue/ Sale Benefitting The Nature Conservancy