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Last week we talked about SEO for corporate partnerships. This week let's chat about social media.

One of my favorite experts on the subject is Jay Baer of Convince & Convert. In his newsletter to weekly subscribers last month, he offered this advice: think small. The future of social media is not broadcasting but narrowcasting. Instead of communicating with 500 friends, we'll talk to seven with channels like Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram direct messages etc.

To prepare for Q1, 2020 and the rollout of new features from the social media giants, particularly Facebook, Jay suggests to think more about "what you would do if 'social media' allowed you to reach only a few people at a time. What would you offer? How would you be useful and relevant?"

Jay also recommends that we focus more on eliciting comments from supporters, as "likes" ❤️could be eliminated or downgraded on most social media sites.

You ask, "How will this impact my corporate partnership efforts?" Great question.

As companies prioritize partnerships with nonprofits that have engaged audiences, your ability to communicate with and activate that audience will be critical. You don't want to miss this fundamental shift in social media practices. And if you need yet another reason to tear down the wall between fundraising and marketing in your organization, this is a pretty good one.

How are you planning to do social media differently in 2020?

Oh, by the way...


✍️ Partnership Notes


1. Fewer hunters means fewer dollars for wildlife conservation groups that benefit from the sale of hunting permits. Busch Beer and Big Buck Hunter arcade game are aiming to make up the shortfall for the National Forest Foundation (NFF) with donations and an action-triggered fundraiser. NFF could raise $50,000 from the effort. Also, check out this example that benefits Arizona's Game & Fish DepartmentDrink a beer. Save a deer.

2. Every time you let a child with cancer give you navigation guidance on Waze, Dunkin will donate to its charitable organization Joy in Childhood Foundation. The goal is to raise $100,000. Speaking of corporate foundations...⬇︎

3. Is your corporate partner considering establishing a foundation? Karen Wu of Perlman & Perlman explores the pros and cons and what might work in place of a foundation (and would probably be better for your nonprofit). [SPONSORED LINK]

4. All this month Grubhub customers can round-up and donate their change to No Kid Hungry. Last fall they raised $2 million!

🤑 Marketing Your Cause

1. 5 tips on creating useful testimonial videos. Remember, a testimonial is when someone says something great about your nonprofit. A case study is an in-depth description of your win-win partnership. Testimonials are part of any good case study!

2. I'm thrilled to report you don't have to use so many happy words in your press releases.

3. Is this your nonprofit's secret weapon?

4. Social cause marketing works for restaurants, except when it involves messaging around animal welfare. 🧐

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause

1. Community Engagement Specialist, Jane Goodall Institute (Vienna, Virginia)

2. Events & Cause Marketing Manager, Forgotten Harvest (Oak Park, MI)

3. Account Manager, McPherson Strategies (NYC or Chicago)

4. Director of New Business Development, After-School All-Stars (Washington, DC)

5. Corporate Citizenship Coordinator, Cracker Barrel (Lebanon, TN)

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🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. Whatever happen to the $37 Million football player J. J. Watts raised after Hurricane Harvey?

2. Growth in total household giving Is camouflaging a decline in giving by small and medium donors: what can we do about it?

3. Sending your kid back to college this fall? Help them party responsibly.

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