Case Study Service

One of the things you don’t see enough from nonprofits are case studies profiling successful corporate partnerships. Case studies are a powerful source of social proof. They show prospective partners that you are experienced, credible and your partnerships are indeed win-win.


Let’s face it: companies want experienced partners. That's why so many companies end up working with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Children's Miracle Network or Boys & Girls Clubs of America. These organizations know how to execute corporate partnerships. Case studies are the “proof” companies want to have before they choose to work with you.

Now, you may be thinking, When a company wants to hear about a successful partnership I can just tell them about one when I meet with them in person.

But that’s not how it works. Companies are looking for case studies on your web site and on your other digital channels long before they ever send you an email or call you.

Are you struggling to attract corporate partners? One reason may be that companies have passed on even contacting your nonprofit because they couldn’t find examples of successful corporate partnerships on your web site. Sad, right? Because you have those examples, but you have no home for them on your site.

Do you think that nonprofits are "special" and don't need case studies? You’re wrong. You need case studies just as much as businesses do! And they’ll be just as effective for your nonprofit as they are for businesses.

I hope you agree that having case studies is a priority. I think I know what your next question is…

But Can’t I Just Write My Own Case Studies?

You sure can. But they won’t be as good as the ones I’ll write for you.

First, it will be awkward if you do them. Asking a partner to give you feedback directly can be difficult and will actually prevent a partner from being completely open and honest.

Second, only from a third-party author will you get a bona fide piece of social proof. My interview will go beyond “So-and-so was great to work with!” to one that focuses on the problems you solved and the business outcomes you achieved for your clients.

Third, you’ll actually get the case study done! You may know that you need case studies, but if you haven’t done them yet you’ll probably never do them. Let us do them for you!

So, writing your own case studies isn’t a good idea. Having them authored by a third-party author is. Here’s what you’ll get if you let me do them for you…

What will I Get?

  • I’ll conduct a 20-30-minute phone interview with your partner to uncover what they loved about your partnership.

  • I’ll use the client’s answers to create a detailed case study (usually between 350-500 words) highlighting the results the partnership achieved.

  • I’ll handle all the approvals and edits from both you and your partner until we have the final approved text you can use throughout your marketing.

  • I’ll send you a final document of the case study and a summary of any additional partner feedback. Think about the value of this. You’ll get honest, useful insights that you can use to improve your offering, process and/or partnership efforts.

What’s the Investment?

$750 per case study.

Final Words

Here are several examples of case studies that have appeared on Selfish Giving. (Yes, we can promote your case study! See the Newsletter Sponsorship and Sponsored Posts sections below.)

Recruiting Corporate Partners with a Small Team: The Edge This Nonprofit Has That You Don't

More or Better Corporate Partnerships? How National Park Foundation Addressed a ‘Good Problem’

How This Nonprofit Added Four Six-Figure Event Sponsors In 18-Months

There are many others case studies out there. But the case studies we’ve written for clients are for prospective corporate partners - and not for the prying eyes of nonprofit competitors. Frankly, our current nonprofit clients are unhappy that we’ve opened this service to everyone. They know how much of a competitive edge case studies give them with prospects - and competitors!

The secret is out. The question is do you want to stay in the dark and not produce the valuable case studies that drive partnership success?

Are you ready? Email me at

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Here are several examples of sponsored posts. Note that Sponsored Posts are identified as paid content in the title and at the bottom of the post.

New Research Explodes 3 Myths Hurting Your Corporate Partnership Efforts [SPONSORED]

Recruiting Corporate Partners with a Small Team: The Edge This Nonprofit Has That You Don't [SPONSORED]

Friends Listen to Friends: How to Engage Millennials, Gen Z on Instagram [SPONSORED]

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