Newsletter: SEO for Corporate Partnerships 🔍 ; Liquid Death Murders Plastics in the Ocean 🌊 ; Next Big Nonprofit Fundraiser is…Mermaiding? 🧜‍♀️

Like most things in digital marketing, SEO (i.e. Search Engine Optimization) is getting harder. According to SEO leader Rand Fishkin, less than half the searches on Google will result in a click.

What does this mean for you and your corporate partnership program?

It means that even if you've done the work to create a corporate partnership web page and filled it with all sorts of keyword rich content - like case studies - that earn you a top ranking on Google's coveted first page, most people still won't end up clicking through to your site. There are several reasons for this, and I suggest you read Rand's excellent article on the subject.

What's a corporate partnership pro to do? Well, I posed this very question to Rand...

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Rand makes a good point: email and strong relationships are critical. But I'm sure Rand would agree that SEO is still important. But as I point out in my question, most nonprofits aren't committing staff, resources and money to SEO.

Or are they???

To find out, I have a 2-question snap survey on SEO this week! Come on, it will only take you 30-seconds!


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1. Content marketing smarty Ann Handley pointed me to this cause product in her excellent "fortnightly newsletter". As Ann explains, you're either gonna love or hate Liquid Death (yes, the water that murders your thirst). "However you feel about using murder in marketing, it's an incredible example of not trying to appeal to all people everywhere, and not playing it safe." I think that's a good thing and more nonprofits should adopt murderous thinking. Plus, Liquid Death is pledging to donate 5 cents from every can sold to help eliminate plastic from the oceans.

2. Grocery Outlet has 300 stores and is growing fast. Who's working with them? There are several other discount retailers mentioned in this article, including Ollie's Bargain Outlet. I've never heard of them. Have you? They have over 300 stores in 23 states.😳

3. DonorsChoose shows you how to raise money with e-zine businesses. New email subscribers will mean money for you! But here are two questions: What's the minimum revenue commitment for this campaign? And, perhaps more importantly for the business partner, what's the maximum?

4. Case Study: How one nonprofit doubled the fundraising revenue for its golf tournament in one year. Sponsorship played a big role!

5. Are you leaving corporate money on the table? How much should you ask a corporate partner for? [SPONSORED LINK]

🤑 Marketing Your Cause

1. Telling your nonprofit's story though the federal form 990.

2. Why don't more nonprofits have brand mascots? Here's some advice on how to create one.

3. How this small Virginia nonprofit landed Keanu Reeves as a celebrity influencer[Can't read this? Hit reply and I'll email you the article.]

4. Operation Warm, Compassion International discuss bridging the divide between corporate partnerships and marketing and offer tips for success. Free Webinar! [SPONSORED LINK]

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause

1. Senior Associate, Corporate Partnerships, UNICEF (NYC)

2. Corporate Alliances Manager, Make-A-Wish (Phoenix)

3. Deputy Director, Marketing & Communications, Hire Heroes (Alpharetta, GA)

Have your cause-related job featured here for FREE. Hit reply to this email and give me the details and a link to the position.

🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. 4 things you can do right now to help save the Amazon rainforest.

2. It's more of a threat to your nonprofit than you think. The unstoppable rise of 'I want' crowdfunding.

3. Mark my words, the next big nonprofit fundraiser is mermaiding 🧜‍♀️(and this merman 🧜‍♂️wants to try it).

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