Newsletter: Should You Ask Partners for a Minimum Revenue Commitment? 🧐 ; UK Chicken Shops Ask Diners to Go #KnifeFree🔪 ; Google’s Unusual Plan for Disaster Relief 🌪

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The survey results are in on asking corporate partners for a minimum revenue commitment (MRC)You can view them here.

There are four parts to this post.

1. The graphs showing the results. I took these right from the Survey Monkey survey you completed in July.

2. Two of the three survey questions included a section for comments. There were some great insights from respondents, so I’ve included a selection beneath the respective questions.

3. I asked the team at Accelerist, my partner in the survey series (check out the results of our salary survey here), to offer their perspective on minimum revenue commitment based on their additional research on the topic. These insights are very helpful!

4. At the bottom, I give my bottom-line thoughts on minimum revenue commitment. In a hurry? Scroll down to the bottom of the post and see what I have to say...


✍️ Partnership Notes

1. Who's working with Texas-based Buc-ee's with 38 c-stores? With big expansion plans on the horizon, they seem ripe for a cause partnership - if they are not already engaged with someone. [Can't read this article? I got you covered. Hit reply and I'll send it to you.]

2. Poland Spring and The Recycling Partnership team up to help Instagram users answer the question I'm always asking my wife: "Is this recyclable?"

3. While Americans are fighting to wrestle machine guns away from domestic terrorists, in England and Wales the Home Office, in partnership with 210 chicken shops, is asking diners to go #KnifeFree. The campaign has sparked a serious (and at times not-so-serious) debate, which you can follow at the #KnifeFree hashtag. Interestingly, the group Word on the Curb is turning this cause campaign around and sending the chicken boxes back to the government agency that spent £57,000 to launch it.

4. Like me, you're too pretty for prison. Join Perlman and Perlman's Karen Wu for this Engage for Good webinar: The 10 Commandments of Cause Marketing Law[SPONSORED LINK]

🤑 Marketing Your Cause


1. I love the idea of cause-related pop-ups. Here are four examples. My favorite is Elepop!

2. Influencers are the fire that can ignite your cause campaign. Here are 135 Instagram influencers in key industries from food to travel to fashion.

3. This is smart. How to mine auto-replies for leads. You can learn a lot from someone's vacation auto-reply!

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause

1. Partnership Manager, Remarkable Partnerships (London)

2. Corporate & Foundation Grants Writer, Community Rowing (Boston)

3. Digital Coordinator, Propper Daley (Hollywood 🤩)

4. Partnerships Associate, FUSE Corps (Boston)

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🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. Google’s unusual plan for disaster relief: just give survivors money.

2. Milton Friedman must be turning in his grave.

3. Have you ever pronounced someone's name wrong. ("Why, yes, Genvieve, I have"). Here's what to do next. (And, no, my suggestion of assuring the person you pronounced their name correctly is not recommended.)

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