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Build an audience. Engage with that audience. Monetize that audience.

Some lucky nonprofits don't even have to build an audience from scratch. They can just tap into an existing one that's growing around them. That's the case with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Due to the climate crisis and rising ocean temperatures, more seals are visiting the balmy waters of the Cape and they've brought company: lots of great white sharks.🦈Sadly, the sharks don't always stick to the menu of seal fricassee. Last summer, a surfer was bitten by a shark and died.

With the seals came the sharks and with the sharks came....tourists who are eager to learn about these powerful apex predators.

With t-shirts and mugs for sale that say "Nice to Eat You," "Send More Tourists" and "Seals Taste Like Chicken," shark commerce is big on the Cape this summer. Smartly, AWSC has thrown out a line.

1. Working with a luxury resort on the Cape, the Chatham Bars Inn, AWSC offers a shark cruise for five for $2500. This includes a $760 donation to the nonprofit.

2. The nonprofit's Sharktivity app, which has 200,000+ downloads and allows people to track shark sightings, has two $5,000 corporate partners.

3. Businesses can sponsor a shark-detecting buoy for $500, and can even buy the naming rights to the sharks the conservancy tags for research.

This is one nonprofit that is definitely "gonna need a bigger boat" - to haul away all the money!

✍️ Partnership Notes

1. I love this idea! These trail donation boxes have already raised $1,000.

2. This fundraiser says everything you've ever wanted to say to a corporate foundation"We are also tired of the popularity contests some of you run..."

3. How the Massachusetts Audubon Society and Vermont businesses are working together to save a black, white and yellow bird with a golden voice. “We didn’t get into this for the money.” Bonus: read the Emily Dickinson's poem that immortalized the bird.

4. Psst..the hidden engine driving corporate social responsibility? It’s the nonprofit sector. [SPONSORED LINK]

🤑 Marketing Your Cause

1. Now is the time to start planning! How you can (legally) hijack the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

2. Forget Area 51. This Oklahoma animal shelter wants you to raid it instead. Looking for your own trend to newsjack? Check out Trennd.

🔬Cause Research

Which channels should you focus on to generate and cultivate corporate partnership leads?

For top of the funnel awareness focus on email, search (being found on Google), your website and social media (try Twitter).

To drive conversions later in the funnel focus on email, website (e.g. case studies), telemarketing (aka phone convos) and retargeting with social media ads.

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause

1. Program Director, One Warm Coat (Virtual)

2. Business Development Manager, Discovery Education (Charlotte, NC)

3. Development Manager, Corporate Partnerships, McDonald's (Chicago, IL)

4. Corporate Development Manager, The Trevor Project (Los Angeles)

5. Brand Partnerships Director, FoodCorps (NYC)

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🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. Does your nonprofit need some creative talent? Look no further than your local prison.

2. The art of persuasion hasn't changed in 2,000 years. True story.

3. I got anxious just reading this. How to cut your airport arrival time as close as possible

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