Newsletter: Charity Partnership vs Marketing Partnership ⚖️ ; Frito-Lay Raises $1M for Operation Smile with ‘Everyday Smilers’ 😬 ; 5 Emotional Writing Tactics to Skyrocket Facebook Engagement 🚀

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Let's get clear on the difference between a charity partnership vs. marketing partnership.

CHARITY PARTNERSHIP is when a company partners with your nonprofit because they want to support the mission of your organization. Some of the reasons companies will do a charity partnership include...

1. They love what you do and want to support you! Yay! This is the best, right? 😊

2. They love what you do, but are happy to take any benefits that may come with partnership. For example, a company could just make a donation to your nonprofit. But instead, they sponsor your golf tournament. They may get some business from the event, but that's not their main goal.

3. They want you to go away. A company will make a small donation to your nonprofit so you'll stop bugging them! Note: If this hasn't happened to you you haven't followed up with your prospects enough.😉

MARKETING PARTNERSHIP is when a company partners with your nonprofit because they want to profit from working with you. Some of the reasons companies will do a marketing partnership include...

1. They want to build awareness of their business. Maybe they are a new company or just new to your area.

2. They want to sell more stuff. Yep, this is probably the most common reason companies partner with you.

3. They want to attract new employees and/or keep the ones they have happy. Partnering with your nonprofit is a great way for a company to show they care.

The truth is that most nonprofit partnerships are a mix of charity and marketing, but most companies these days are looking for marketing partnerships. That's why you should lead with marketing and not your charity. However, the exact mix will vary depending on the partner and the pitch.

In general, my recipe for partnership success is a POUND OF SELF INTEREST AND A TEASPOON OF IDEALISM. Focus on the bottom line benefits of the partnership to the company while the halo of humanity, mission and service of your nonprofit carry you to success!

✍️ Partnership Notes

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1. For a second year, The Frito-Lay brand is bringing back Everyday Smilers on July 28th. Operation Smile will be smiling wide as it's guaranteed a $1 million donation. Results from last year's campaign included 700+ selfies posted daily!

2. This spring, Mercy Corp inked a high-profile partnership with Facebook on its new crypto-currency Libra. This is interesting article on the pros and cons, but I admire Mercy Corp for taking a calculated risk.

3. The Trevor Project and AT&T discuss their $1 million dollar partnership and offer three tips for nonprofits that want to partner with corporations.

4. Three different roles nonprofits can play in helping companies achieve their corporate social responsibility goals [SPONSORED LINK]

🤑 Marketing Your Cause

1. Why you shouldn't use PDFs in your marketing. (Scroll down to the heading SEARCH by Andy Crestodina). This is especially true for your case studies, which should appear on your web site!

2. Obviously I'm a big fan of newsletters and email marketing. Do you want to start your own newsletter? Start with this newsletter strategy positioning brief. It's the same brief that The New Yorker uses to vet their own awesome newsletter ideas.

3. Five emotional writing tactics to skyrocket facebook post engagement. I like this point: use "tasty" words.

🔬Cause Research

I often talk about the need to break down the silos between fundraising and marketing. Less division, more FARKETING! [Fundraising + Marketing = Farketing]

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause

1. Development & Communications Manager, PeacePlayers (Washington D.C. or Remote)

2. Database CoordinatorMarketing Coordinator, Accelerist (Austin).

3. Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Meals on Wheels (Arlington, VA)

4. Corporate Partnerships Specialist, Share our Strength (San Francisco)

5. Corporate Relations Manager, Jersey Cares (Livingston, New Jersey)

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🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. Five years after the Ice Bucket Challenge, the ALS association explains how they spent the money.

2. Is your work not getting recognized, or are you under appreciated? How to create, update and use a 'brag document.'

2. This group has 213,000 members. They staple bread to trees, and they are not sure why. 🤔

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