Newsletter: Coca-Cola, L. L. Bean, Subaru Share Secrets for Partnership Success 🤑; Smirnoff Toasts LGBTQ+ Community 🏳️‍🌈; Build an Engaged Audience with a Book Club 📚

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I moderated a great panel at the Engage for Good Conference with the National Park Foundation on how nonprofits can attract companies from a variety of industries. Kim Hirose from NPF recorded footage from the session and I have eight clips to share with you. 

1. In the first clip (14:52)Stefanie Mathew, vice president of corporate partnerships at NPF, opened the session by explaining just how diverse NPF's partners are - "From A - Z. From American Express to Yeti." Stefanie also outlines three steps to better diversify your partnerships. Finally, the panelists from Coca-Cola, Subaru, Union Pacific and L. L. Bean introduce themselves and explain how they came to work with NPF.

2. In the second clip (2:03)Amy Strawbridge, Subaru's brand partnerships and experiential marketing manager, discusses how the car company's work with NPF helps their business.

3. In the third clip (0:42)Ranae Keckeisen, Union Pacific’s director of corporate relations, answers my question on if nonprofits have to approach B2Bs differently than they approach B2Cs.

4. In the fourth clip (2:34)Kathryn Pratt, L.L. Bean’s director of brand engagement, explains how the retailer leverages their partnership with NPF.

5. In the fifth clip (2:27), Kathryn Pratt talks about measurement and the importance of nonprofits having great content. Amen!

6. In the sixth clip (3:16)Becki Cedrone, Coca-Cola's North America director of alumni and community marketing, shares a great story of how Coca-Cola helped NPF partner with movie theaters.

7. In the seventh clip (1:39), Kathryn Pratt talks about being a retailer that doesn't do point-of-sale and if that's a missed opportunity for the retailer.

8. In the last clip (10:41), the panel answers my question about working with influencers in their campaigns with NPF. Interesting!

✍️ Partnership Notes

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1. A nice article here on Smirnoff’s authentic, long-standing support of the LGBTQ+ community.

2. Back in April I reported on tire and repair chain Best-One of Indy and their point-of-sale program to support The Humane Society of Indianapolis. Good news! Their "amazing team members & customers raised a total $9,055!! 🐾❤️." Congrats!

3. Through Sunday, Adidas is donating $1 for every mile people run to save the world's oceans from plastic waste. The program raised $1M in 2018. Not to be outdone, Corona will let you pay for your beer with plastic (waste).

🤑 Marketing Your Cause

1. Have you ever used a heatmap on your website? You should. I use one on my site from Sumo and it shows what visitors are most interested in when they visit my site. Declutter your website!

2. Your number one goal is to build an engaged audience. This nonprofit is doing it with a book club.

3. We're halfway through 2019 so it's time for five fresh strategies to get more social media followers. "Do things that don't scale."

🔬Cause Research**

Average time on mobile surpasses time spent on TV. Mobile is the FIRST screen. Is your web site, emails, newsletter, landing pages, etc. optimized for mobile?

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Previous Research: 2019 Corporate Partnership Salaries (5/15); Average Duration of Employment (5/22); Corporate Salaries by Region (6/5)

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause

1. Assistant Director, Corporate & Community Alliances, MD Anderson (Houston)

2. Coordinator, Children's Miracle Network Programs, Children's Hospital Trust (Boston)

3. Manager, Epic Sharing Pledge, Epic Foundation (NYC)

4. Business Development Manager, Epic Foundation (San Fran)

5. Corporate Partner Activation Supervisor, McDonald's (Chicago)

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🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. The next big thing in fashion is not washing your clothes.

2. This nonprofit ran a successful event that raised over $2 million. So they replaced it with something new.

3. Your brain doesn't need this, but your fists do

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