Bagel Bakery's Cause Marketing is Book Worthy

Finagle Bakery & Cafe is a doing a nice thing this week for Joanna and me, and a great thing for Boston's Museum of Science.

All this week Finagle Bakery & Cafe is donating $1 to the Museum of Science for every additional Like it gets on their Facebook page and for every retweet the promotion gets on Twitter up to $1,000.

The Musuem of Science is one of Boston's favorite family attractions. With over 1.5 million visitors each year it's second only to the Red Sox!

The nice thing for Joanna and me is that Finagle owners Laura Trust and Alan Litchman are doing this cause marketing promotion in celebration of the release of Cause Marketing for Dummies.

We're really flattered!

This promotion between Finagle and the Museum of Science is a great example of the local cause marketing we talk so much about in Cause Marketing for Dummies. And Finagle--with eight locations in the Boston market--is no stranger to it. They've worked with Children's Hospital Boston and Boston Medical Center on other promotions.

We talk a lot about Finagle in our book as a model example of how small businesses can work with local causes, and earn a much deserved halo for their efforts!