CauseTalk Radio Ep66: Cone Study: Tragedy Awaits Companies that Lag on Disaster Relief

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Craig Bida, executive vice president, Social Impact, Cone Communications, about his firm's new study, 2013 Disaster Relief Trend Tracker.

Craig shares how people all over the world are looking to companies to provide immediate and long term relief after a disaster. Companies that don't will face their own disaster in public relations and loss of consumer confidence and trust.

We also talk with Craig about how cause marketers can better prepare businesses for a post-disaster response that is timely, significant and fair.

Were company responses to the Yarnell wildfire deaths, Boston bombings and even to the current flooding in Colorado tragic or triumphant? Tune in now to find out!

Raising Money After Disaster, Tragedy: Two Resources

Yesterday on the For Momentum blog I wrote a post on How Businesses Should Respond After a Tragedy.

I had a front row seat to the Boston Marathon bombings and watched as businesses - with their customers and employees - contributed millions to the victims. As the weeks and months passed more disasters and tragedies occurred but with dissimilar fundraising results. I thought, "We have to do a better job educating businesses on why and how they should respond after a disaster."

I shared a few ideas in my post, but here are two additional resources.

Cone Webinar on Effective Natural Disaster Response

Today at 2pm Cone Communications is following up its latest report, the Disaster Relief Trend Tracker, with a free webinar Insights into Effective Natural Disaster Response - What Consumers Expect and What Companies Can Do.

Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council on Letting Supporters Do Their Own Things

In my post on For Momentum, I suggested that businesses need to give do-gooders the resources and infrastructure they need to support causes (Think Panera Cares Cafes as an example). On September 17th David Hessekiel's RWR Fundraising Council will host a free webinar on how nonprofits can empower supporters to do their own thing.

As David points out, "Many flexible nonprofit organizations that embrace this trend instead of fighting it are reaping big benefits."

You can sign up for Raising Big Dollars By Letting Supporters Do Their Own Thing here.

We need to find a better way to spread the wealth of business giving after disasters and tragedies. We also need to give donors as many ways as possible to raise money for causes. Giving businesses or individuals an excuse to say NO is inexcusable.

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