A Great New Book from a Cause Marketing Legend

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My testimonial on the back of Bruce Burtch's new book, Win-Win for the Greater Good, says it all:

"America had Christopher Columbus, cause marketing has Bruce Burtch. A man of firsts like the great explorer, Bruce has been designing innovative, highly-successful cross-sector partnerships since 1975, Win-Win for the Greater Good will help you chart a course for success for your organization and for a better world."

That may say it all, but here are a few more reasons to pick up Bruce's new book.

  • Bruce is a great writer. This book is informative, interesting and fun and easy to read. It exudes Bruce's dynamic personality.
  • This book is all about Glowing Your Business. Bruce correctly argues that a company can only glow when it has joined in partnership with one or more nonprofits to create a greater good.
  • As the Columbus of Cause Marketing, Bruce will help you take a long, hard look at your readiness for cross-sector partnerships or a cause marketing campaign. He doesn't sugarcoat the challenges, and warns readers that you can't get to this brave, new world in a row boat.

This is a great book written by cause marketing legend. But don't believe me, check out all the great reviews Bruce's book has on Amazon!

Update:  Bruce is hosting a FREE webinar on Wednesday, September 18th: Igniting Your Nonprofit’s Economic and Social Impact Through Partnerships. Sign up here!

CauseTalk Radio Ep26: Cause Marketing History Lesson from Bruce Burtch

In today's episode, Megan and I talk to Bruce Burtch, a cause marketing pioneer who was creating cause marketing programs well before the 1983 American Express campaign that's credited with starting it all.

Bruce is even credited with coining the term "Do Well by Doing Good" - a motto so many companies and nonprofit live by today.

Bruce talks about the beginnings of cause marketing, how it's changed...and what hasn't changed.

These are timeless lessons from someone I call The Father of Cause Marketing. Tune in now!