A Great New Book from a Cause Marketing Legend

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My testimonial on the back of Bruce Burtch's new book, Win-Win for the Greater Good, says it all:

"America had Christopher Columbus, cause marketing has Bruce Burtch. A man of firsts like the great explorer, Bruce has been designing innovative, highly-successful cross-sector partnerships since 1975, Win-Win for the Greater Good will help you chart a course for success for your organization and for a better world."

That may say it all, but here are a few more reasons to pick up Bruce's new book.

  • Bruce is a great writer. This book is informative, interesting and fun and easy to read. It exudes Bruce's dynamic personality.
  • This book is all about Glowing Your Business. Bruce correctly argues that a company can only glow when it has joined in partnership with one or more nonprofits to create a greater good.
  • As the Columbus of Cause Marketing, Bruce will help you take a long, hard look at your readiness for cross-sector partnerships or a cause marketing campaign. He doesn't sugarcoat the challenges, and warns readers that you can't get to this brave, new world in a row boat.

This is a great book written by cause marketing legend. But don't believe me, check out all the great reviews Bruce's book has on Amazon!

Update:  Bruce is hosting a FREE webinar on Wednesday, September 18th: Igniting Your Nonprofit’s Economic and Social Impact Through Partnerships. Sign up here!