New Chipotle 'Scarecrow' Video Has a Brain and a Heart

I love this new Youtube video The Scarecrow from Chipotle. I also really enjoyed David Vinjamuri analysis of it in Forbes. I think he's spot on.

"The Scarecrow' is not advertising. It is a narrative. The critics of the video – who charge that it is unfair and distorts the reality of conventional farming in the U.S. – miss the point. Chipotle is not trying to be fair – the brand is trying to provoke an emotional response, both from the people who agree and disagree with them. Chipotle realizes that the stronger the outcry is from people who detest the story they’re telling, the closer those who agree with them will align to the brand. Narrative works differently in the online space. Narrative is intended to begin a conversation."

The message for all us:

  • Take a stand and don't be afraid to make a few enemies.
  • Aim to evoke a strong emotional response.
  • Focus on the story, and not on waving your name and logo in everyone's faces all the time.
  • Rely on social sharing (people embedding your content in their blogs, on Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to connect the message to your brand.

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