Newsletter: Thinkers vs Feelers vs Deferrers 🧐; IKEA Encourages School Kids to Bully Plant 🌱; Why Does This Bee Have a QR Code Glued to It? 🐝


The next time you're on a call with a partnership prospect I want you decide what kind of decision maker they are. I’ve decided that decision makers can be lumped into one of these three groups: Thinkers, Feelers and Deferrers. Most people are a combination of all three, but one style usually dominates. And that's where you want to double down on

🤓Thinkers: Thinkers are my favorites because they are most like me! They want to hear the rationale, the logic behind an opportunity and why it makes sense for their business. They like facts, figures, research, statistics, data and any other analytical information to drive their decision.

😭Feelers: Feelers are moved more by narrative and emotional appeals. They'll respond better to appeals centered around the mission of your organization, how the consumer experience will be enhanced through a cause marketing program and how employees will derive more meaning and fulfillment from their jobs.

🤩Deferrers: Deferrers follow the lead of others. Show them what the companies they admire or compete with are doing and how you they can join the “cool kids.” Credibility and reputation are important to a lot of people. But for these prospects, it means a whole lot more.

Does labeling decision makers and doubling down on a specific appeal work? It has for me. Let me know if it works for you!

New stuff from me 😊

🎙This week on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Kate Hayes, Director of Direct Impact for Echoing Green about their unique efforts to spot emerging mid-career business leaders and invest deeply in their success to accelerate their impact in the social sector.

Partnership notes 📝

🌱The Twittersphere went bananas when I shared an IKEA cause promotion that encouraged school kids to bully a plant while encouraging another. What happened next won't surprise you. "I’M SO SAD FOR THR PLANT 😭😭😭😭," wrote one reader. 

😎How cool would I look wearing these sneaks at the Engage for Good Conference next week?  Vans and Michelin are teaming up to teach teens simple preventative steps that will make their tires safe. Of course, the promotion includes a special edition sneaker. >>>

👣Foot Locker CEO: Consumers are missing the point on the "retail apocalypse." Retailers are closing stores so they can open fewer but better ones. Speaking of retail closings, Retail Dive is keeping an updated list of retail bankruptcies. The newest? Right in my backyard of Newton, Mass.: Rockport

🐼Good partnerships take time to develop. The HP Canada and WWF-Canada partnership is an example of a long-term relationship between two organizations that started small but grew over a decade. Make sure to check out this detailed case study of a transformational 10-year partnership.

😖Controversial causes are attracting more corporate partners. Take the example of the ACLU and Lyft.

🍔Did your next cause marketing just move into the food court at the mall? Mall operators are looking to fill spaces left vacant by retailers are making bolder choices and showing more flexibility and creativity in terms of leasing. Many are choosing to incorporate food halls and grocery stores.

Marketing your cause 🤑

Screenshot 2018-05-14 09.19.37.png

🥜As the parent of a daughter with a severe peanut and shellfish allergy, I'm really digging this new Canadian campaign from Phil Haid's team at PUBLIC for Food Allergy Awareness Month. People don't always understand just how serious some food allergies are, but this billboard makes it clear!

🧐Should your nonprofit be on Instagram instead of Facebook? Marketing smarty Jay Baer makes the case for why Instagram is the better bet. Follow up this article with this one on how to hack Instagram with these 60 tips.

Cool jobs in cause** 😎

Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships, Best Friends Animal Society (Remote)

Director, Cause Marketing, National Parks Conservation Association (Washington, DC)

**Have your cause-related job featured here. Email me at

Brain food 🧠🍎

💧What if we paid people to use less water?

🤬For Nonprofit Quarterly, "Social Enterprise" is a dirty word. Are they really that bad?

🐝Why does this bee have a QR code superglued to its back?

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