Ep265: How Echoing Green Turns Business Leaders Into Social Sector Mentors

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Kate Hayes, Director of Direct Impact for Echoing Green about their unique efforts to spot emerging mid-career business leaders and invest deeply in their success to accelerate their impact in the social sector.

On the show, Megan, Kate and I discuss:

Kate Hayes, Echoing Green

Kate Hayes, Echoing Green

  • What is Echoing Green and the Direct Impact program? 
  • What’s the profile of your typical participant?
  • Is the focus exclusively on nonprofit boards or are you encouraging social impact company boards as well?
  • How do you work with nonprofits to help them better utilize corporate board members?
  • How can an individual who works at a corporation make a social impact while staying at their job?
  • From the nonprofit perspective, why is it so important to have corporate leaders engaged in their work?
  • How can an individual in the corporate sector prepare to engage meaningfully in the nonprofit sector?
  • Where does a corporate professional go to find an opportunity to become a volunteer?
  • What are actionable steps anyone listening can take right now to understand how to make a social impact?

Show Notes

Echoing Green

Kate Hayes on Twitter

The Echoing Green by William Blake


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