Newsletter: Virtual Sponsorship Conference 🎟; Taco Bell's 'Live Más' 🌮; Company Replaces Priceless Stolen Art with AR 🖼

We're starting to make a little progress here.😁With today's webinar on measuring impact and success we can check off the #1 thing you asked to learn more about in 2018. Don't worry, they'll be more on this topic. Thanks to you, my readers, I'm thinking about it all the time now (looking for relevant article for you, booking podcast guests who can talk about it, etc.). But I think we're ready to jump to the #2 thing you wanted to learn about this year: How to raise more money with corporate sponsorship.

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To bring you the latest and best information on sponsorship, I went to the best: Chris Baylis at the (Handsome devil, isn't he?)

Chris is a real pro and has literally sold millions of dollars of sponsorships for nonprofits and other organizations. To teach you exactly how to raise more money with corporate partnership, Chris and I are offering a comprehensive full-day, online conference on April 19th that you can enjoy from the comfort of your office.

Folks, this virtual conference isn't free. But it's not expensive either considering this will be the ONLY webinar you'll ever need to take on sponsorship. Plus, thanks to my immense powers of persuasion, I wrangled a $50 discount from Chris (not so easy as Chris is a tough negotiator!). Just use the discount code WATERS at checkout.

Learn More About the April Conference & Register for it NOW!**

Top Stories

1. This week on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Bjorn Erland, Vice President of People & Experience at Taco Bell and Jennifer Walker, Director of Strategic Development at Taco Bell Foundation, about the award of $3 million in scholarships through its Live Más Scholarship program. This includes $500k in scholarships for Taco Bell employees!

Cause Marketing

1. Today is Jersey Mike's 8th Annual #DayofGiving when they donate 100% of sandwich sales to 170 charity partners nationwide. Their goal is to raise $6 million. This is a great program and I just love donate profits days. Listen to our 2016 interview with Dave Altmann at Jersey Mike's to hear about this fundraiser that has raised $28 million since 2010.

2. We all need to be adjusting our strategies. The latest technology isn't just for the big retailers. More independent food stores are getting the opportunity to test and use cutting-edge technologies such as aisle-scanning robots, artificial intelligence and checkout-free shopping. Also, the way brands and retailers are using stores is becoming more flexible and creative. How will you adapt your cause for these six new strategies?


1. True selfish giving. Meals on Wheels America is focusing recruitment campaign messaging on the rewards volunteers receive from their involvement as opposed to how the program benefits seniors.

2. The shaving subscription service Harry’s partnered with The Representation Project, which fights gender stereotypes, for a three-minute film that tugs at emotions 😭😭to spark conversation around what it really means to be a man.

Cause Content

News on companies & nonprofits that are leveraging storytelling and content marketing to build an engaged & subscribable audience that can - over time - be monetized.

1. I really admire Boston software company Cuseum for taking the initiative and using augmented reality to replace the paintings that were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the crime of the century. But is the real crime that the museum didn't think of doing it first?

2. First quarter is a good time to do a content audit. (Pssst...I can help you write those partnership case studies.) The folks at MOZ share 8 common website mistakes revealed via content audit. Not sure how to do a content audit? MOZ has an article on that too.

Help Wanted**

1. Manager, Corporate Development Manager, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America (NYC)

2. Manager, Corporate Partnerships, Kids In Crisis (Cos Cob, CT)

3. Director, Corporate Partnerships, Polaris Project (Washington, D.C.)

4. Manager, Corporate Alliances, Make-A-Wish (Phoenix)

**Have your cause-related job featured here? Hit reply or email me at

Mental Nourishment

Resources to help you to improve or just learn something new and different

1. Cemeteries are trying to dig themselves out of a hole by appealing to the living. Movie night, anyone?

2. Have you ever tried using Facebook ads to test out an idea for your organization? Give it a try. They work!

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