Ep259: Mistakes That Are Killing Your Nonprofit's Chances for Sponsorship

Photo via vexrobotics on Flickr.

Photo via vexrobotics on Flickr.

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Chris Baylis, President & CEO of The Sponsorship Collective, about all things sponsorship! Chris is a leading consultant to nonprofits and businesses on sponsorship and how to build win-win partnerships.

On the show, Megan, Chris and I discuss:

Chris Baylis, Sponsorship Collective

Chris Baylis, Sponsorship Collective

What is The Sponsorship Collective?

What are the most common mistakes you see causes making when approaching sponsors?

What are the most common mistakes you see brands making when working with causes?

Why is audience data important in cause sponsorship? What kind of data should causes be collecting?

Youโ€™ve taken a strong (a controversial!) stance on the sponsorship proposal. Explain your position to us.

Tell us about the virtual sponsorship conference you have coming up on April 19th.

Show Notes

The Sponsorship Collective

Chris Baylis on Twitter


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