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I love public speaking, but it didn't start out that way. When I taught public speaking in graduate school, I was never more scared than when I walked into that classroom on the first day! It was trial under fire. But we all – students and teacher – learned something about public speaking that semester!

I’m happy to keynote your event, run a workshop or be part of a panel. We’ll negotiate a fee for my speaking and you'll reimburse me for my travel expenses.

Check out my latest speaking video from the 2017 Engage for Good Conference in Chicago.

Most requested speech titles

  • Selfish for Good: How to Turn Charity Dollars Into Marketing Dollars (And Still Save the World) NEW!

  • Every Nonprofit Has a New Job Title: Publisher [Content Marketing]

  • Mission, Mobile, Millennials and the Coming Goodpocalypse

  • The Lighter Side of Changing the World [Humor!]

  • 10 Tech Tools Every Do-Gooder Needs to Know

  • Build Your Career & Help Your Cause with Public Speaking

  • Why Your Business Needs a Cause Marketing Strategy

What you get

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All of my speaking appearances include an interesting, knowledgeable, well-organized, prepared and humorous speaker. I throw in a wicked Boston accent for free!

Audiences describe my presentations as actionable, how-to, practical, forward-thinking and step-by-step. As one listener wrote below, "Oustanding!"

What you read on my blog is what you get – but you get it in person and adapted for your audience. They'll get a full set of slides and all the resources (articles, blog posts, tutorials) they’ll need to get started the moment they leave the room.

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If you have additional questions about my availability or suitability for your event, email me at joe@selfishgiving.com.

Recent Presentations


Allstate Corporate Headquarters

10 Ways to 10X Your Fundraising & Marketing


Joe brought his unique knowledge on fundraising and marketing to a group of 70 domestic violence advocates who included nonprofit organizations, small business owners, corporate employees and partners. Attendees used Joe’s valuable information to develop plans for their own communities that they will implement over the coming year. Bravo! - Laura Glaza, Allstate

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Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital - Hershey, PA

Cause Marketing 101


"Joe is the go-to guy for all thing cause marketing. He's an excellent trainer with deep knowledge of the subject matter, great real-life examples of successful campaigns, and a conversational presentation style that puts participants at ease. He cares about helping organizations be successful, and is available for follow-up questions and advice. And his curation of online resources is an absolute treasure trove!" - Suzanne Graney, Four Diamonds

Institute of Fundraising Corporate Partnerships Conference - London

Lessons from America: How to Raise Ridiculous Money with Businesses


"A brilliant talk this morning. Joe was inspiring, funny and a wealth of knowledge. Such a refreshing, knock your socks off presentation and perfect for our UK audience." - Jonathan Andrews, Conference Chair

starbucks hq

Association for Corporate Contribution Professionals (ACCP) - Starbucks HQ, Seattle

The Starbucks Guide to Cutting Edge Cause Marketing


"Joe was an energetic and memorable presenter who engaged the audience from the moment he set foot in the room. He encouraged questions and really made attendees think about cause marketing on a much deeper level by bringing them into the conversation. Joe definitely brought us to the heart of cause marketing!" - Mark Shamley, President & CEO, ACCP

The Woodmark Summit - St. Louis

Six-Figure Cause Marketing: How to Raise More Money with Businesses

Breakout Session


Association for Corporate Contribution Professionals (ACCP) - Nashville

Driving Interest & Action with Content Marketing


New Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations - Georgetown University, Washington, D. C.

New Strategies for Corporate Gifts


“Joe Waters can make you laugh so hard you’ll forget you’re learning. A terrific speaker who is as entertaining as he is informative.” - Curt Weeden, Founder & President, New Strategies Forum


Morgan Stanley Nonprofit Leadership Forum - Boston

13 Seconds in Boston: Millennials, Mobile, Social Business and the Triumph of Good


“Joe was a terrific keynote speaker for our 2014 Nonprofit Leadership Forum. He is a true professional. His presentation was informative and well put together and his delivery was fun and engaging." - Matthew Caldwell, Morgan Stanley


Social Media for Nonprofits - Boston
Raising More Money Without Asking, Begging or Calling

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MSLGROUP Great Minds Series - Atlanta
The Goodpocalypse: Millennials, Mobile, Social Biz and the Triumph of Good


Director of Volunteer Administration - Boston
Raising Money from Businesses for Volunteer Programs

"Our group was enthused by the insights and ideas you shared. They were engaged from the moment they met you. Thanks!"

- Lori Tsuruda, President, Directors of Volunteer Administration (DOVA)


Dyn Social Media Bootcamp for Nonprofits - Manchester, N. H.
Fundraising with Businesses for Wicked Small Shops

Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.37.27.png
Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.49.24.png

Rebuilding Together National Conference - Washington, D. C.
The Shape of Partnerships to Come and Fundraising with Businesses for Wicked Small Shops
Keynote and Breakout Session

Screenshot 2013-11-16 21.48.45.png

"Joe Waters’ down-to-earth communication style really drove home the value of cause marketing for today’s nonprofit organizations.  Our corporate partners were completely engaged throughout his presentation and eager to hear how their businesses could engage more effectively with us. Joe also delivered a presentation for our affiliate organizations who learned tangible ideas to execute cause marketing campaigns in their local communities. Feedback from our affiliates was that of resounding enthusiasm for how cause marketing could benefit them." - Charley Shimanski, President & CEO, Rebuilding Together


Charitable Federal Campaign - Boston
Public Speaking for Fundraisers

“Joe Waters has been running our annual public speaking training program for many years. Every year he gets rave reviews!“

- Susan Kooperstein, CFC/ABCD


Cause Marketing Forum Conference - Chicago
Cause Marketing for Small Businesses & Nonprofits
Breakout Session Leader

“Joe has been speaking at Cause Marketing Forum for many years and is consistently highly rated by attendees. He’s engaging, informative, practical and funny! He’s a leader in the industry, and it shows in his speaking.”

- David Hessekiel, Cause Marketing Forum


NeighborWorks Fundraising Symposium - Atlanta
Charting a Course for Cause Marketing Success
Plenary Session

“Joe was the closing keynote for a one day fundraising symposium – not an easy spot.
 Despite that obstacle, he energized our audience with a presentation on cause marketing. He received rave reviews and several people leaned over to me during the presentation to congratulate me on finding such a fun and engaging speaker.”


Philanthropy Midwest Conference - Kansas City
How Mobile is Changing Nonprofit Fundraising & Marketing
Breakout Session

“He was great…once I got past the Boston accent! LOTS of information to go back to the office with. It was very informative! Hope he will come back too. Lots more to learn.”


Friends of Georgia State Parks - Atlanta
The Shape of Partnerships to Come
Keynote & Workshop

Read the Friends’ Testimonial



I’m the author of three books: Fundraising with Businesses, Cause Marketing for Dummies and QR Codes for Dummies. I’ve contributed to The Huffington Post, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Mediapost: Causes, Forbes and The Nonprofit Quarterly.

I also served as the technical editor of Raising Digital Families for Dummies and Social Media Engagement for Dummies.

I write regularly for Razoo.com, About.com, For Momentum and others. View my online writing portfolio here.

All of the above links will give you a good preview of my work. If you’re looking for more check out the 1,000 posts on my blog!

Now I want to write for you. But you’re probably asking, “Do I really need a professional blogger?” I think you do, but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Search Engine Journal wrote about blogging in 2013:

"You have to build relationships for guest posting and start bringing in high-caliber bloggers to write for your blog. Outreach and guest blogging are very difficult disciplines these days . . . . If you want to get results, you must learn how to stand out from the crowd and build serious relationships with the right partners. It takes a time, and you should have started already."

I can do ghost or byline and my rates are reasonable. I write about what I know: cause marketing, nonprofits, branding, technology, blogging, social media, mobile and how all these things link back to, well, cause marketing, corporate partnerships and sponsorship.

My Promise:

  • To offer great ideas appropriate to your audience

  • To follow up, and then leave you alone

  • To be open to negotiating the article’s slant

  • To do my homework

  • To deliver clean copy

  • To meet your deadline

  • To hit your word count

  • To be open to discussing edits and revisions

  • To promote the post or article via my social networks (primarily Twitter, where I have over 7,000 followers)

  • To answer readers’ questions and comments quickly and clearly

Praise for my writing:

I had the pleasure of working with Joe as a project manager/editor on his book, “Fundraising with Businesses.” From the moment we met, Joe was so positive and made our work together easy and fun. As an author, he is punctual and thoughtful, always in contact and available to discuss project status, all while producing high-quality, inventive content toward his deadlines. In a world where many people forego even basic salutations in the name of time constraints, Joe has a verve in everyday interaction that I very much appreciated. His energetic and enthusiastic approach easily stands out in a crowd.” 
- Jennifer MacDonald, Senior Development Editor, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


Joe was a fantastic author to work with. He was adept at adjusting to our strict formatting
and was always receptive to our editing. He worked diligently to write a great book – on time!  
I only wish I had more projects for Joe because I know I'd get a great product at the end.
- Amy Fandrei, Acquistion Editor, For Dummies


Joe has been a wonderful contributing writer for my site. Plus, Joe is just fun to work with…informal, down to earth, and clever. He is also a total professional. He hits deadlines, is a meticulous writer, and participates in the process of coming up with ideas, fleshing them out, and delivering the final product.
- Joanne Fritz, Guide to Nonprofits, About.com


Joe knows cause marketing, so when we needed a guide for our customers in the financial segment we turned to him.  He has great ideas, has seen a ton of what works and is not afraid to share it. The result was a ton of value to our project.  We are thrilled (and proud) to share it with our customers.
- Sandra Morris, C0-Founder & CEO, CafeGive


Joe is a great addition to For Momentum’s team of cause marketing bloggers. 
He delivers insightful, informative, entertaining content on a consistent basis.  
We love that we can always count on him to be on time and on point
…oh, and he’s hilarious – so extra points for that!
- Trisha Duck, Creative & Digital Director, For Momentum


Joe is incredibly easy to work with – highly professional, passionate and always entertaining. He’s full of great ideas and understands how to craft writing that resonates on the web. To top, Joe has an impressive social network and knowledge base which constantly add value and provide important insights in the work he does.
- Terry Lozoff, President & CEO, Antler


Despite being a Red Sox fan, it’s been a pleasure working with Joe. He’s reliable, a great writer, with valuable experience and wisdom to offer our readers. But he goes beyond just writing for us once a week. He works with the group, comes up with great ideas to move the blog forward, and promotes it on his personal channels. Unlike the Red Sox, he’s a real winner.
- Ifdy Perez, Editor (and Yankees fan!), Inspiring Generosity