Good and Taxes

191_3If you're like most people, you (a) haven't done your taxes (b) will blow your refund on yourself (c) won't give any of it to charity.

Understood. Have a great cruise.

But wait. What if I gave you a tax tip that would add $30 to $60 to your refund. Would you consider giving that money to charity? (Or are you elated that you just found the dough for that pre-cruise tan?)

If you're still reading, visit Refunds for Good to learn more about the repeal of the Phone Excise Tax. Enacted by Congress in 1898 to pay for the Spanish-American War, the tax has been on phone bills ever since. (I guess no one in Congress ever heard of San Juan Hill.) But just recently, the courts struck down the tax and ordered the IRS to refund taxpayers the amount paid during the past 41 months.

To make sure taxpayers get their money--$30 to $60 for individuals, more for businesses--Refunds for Good offers helpful advice on how to apply for a refund and donate it to charity.

Refunds for Good has three charities to choose from, but with just a few mouse clicks you can donate your new found money to any charity, or to mine.

If taxes are the price you pay for a civilized society, donating your phone tax refund is your investment in a better one. And you can still take that cruise, minus the tan.