Leaf Saver

193_3If you think this picture is spectacular, click on it to see a larger image. Incredible, eh? It's nice to know that scenes like this still exist.

It's a wonder they do when 100,000 million trees are cut down each year to make paper.

Of course, we need paper. But these trees aren't being used for college diplomas, birthday cards and baby announcements. They are being junked for junk mail.

That's what I learned at 41Pounds.org, a web site committed to eliminating unwanted mail from our lives and saving trees and other natural resources. Their name comes from how much junk mail the average person receives each year.

41Pounds.org will contact over 30 direct marketing organizations and catalog companies on your behalf and instruct them to remove your name from their distribution lists. After four months your bulk mail should be reduced by at least 80%.

The service costs just $41 and covers your entire household for five years. An added benefit is that 41Pounds.org will donate over 50% of its profits to support education, conservation and reforestation efforts.

Still undecided? Ask yourself this: If a tree doesn't fall in the forest, and no one gets junk mail, doesn't everyone win?

Hat Tip: IdUnited