Sealed Death

188If you were this baby harp seal, would you rather be clubbed, stabbed or shot to death?

According to the Canadian Government, these are the three "humane" ways you can kill seals during Canada's annual seal hunt, which begins next week.

I thought if I was a baby harp seal I'd be begging for the taste of gunpowder. But not after reading this:

"Because sealers shoot at seals from moving boats, the pups are often only wounded. The main sealskin processing plant in Canada deducts $2 from the price they pay for the skins for each bullet hole they find—therefore sealers are loath to shoot seals more than once. As a result, wounded seals are often left to suffer in agony—many slip beneath the surface of the water where they die slowly and are never recovered."

Gulp. No thanks.

So I'm down to either being clubbed or stabbed to death. While I decide, you can visit the Humane Society and donate to the cause and sign a pledge not to buy Canadian seafood products.

You can also check out thermal and regular tees as well as a cap that will benefit the cause. The gear is stylish--actress Sienna Miller was seen with a bunch of tees at Sundance--and sport a baby seal patch with the words Stop The Seal Hunt – Boycott Canadian Seafood .

I still can't decide how I'd want to die if I was a baby harp seal.  How about you?