How I'm Using Pinterest for My Next Book (And How You Can Pin Along)

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I've been reordering my Pinterest boards for cause marketing to make them more useful for you. You can read about these changes in my recent newsletter. If you're not a subscriber, you can change that here.

When you visit my boards you'll see a bunch that begin with the hashtag #FWB. These are new boards for my next book Fundraising with Businesses: 40 New (and Improved!) Strategies for Nonprofits. It will be published in December by Wiley Publishing.

The end of each chapter will include a URL and QR Code that readers can use to visit a Pinterest board with more examples of the strategy profiled in the chapter.

For example, my chapter on pinups will link to this board.

Sponsorship Opportunities

As part of my book, I'm selling sponsorships for the boards.

The boards are a great opportunity for an organization to position itself as a leader in the chapter topic. For example, a third-party business that specializes in collecting and distributing funds from donation boxes within businesses would be a great sponsor of my board on donation box fundraisers (Chapter 3).

I currently have four board sponsors: CafeGive, For Momentum, See3 Communications and

Here's what your sponsorship includes:

  • You'll be identified as a sponsor in the pin board description.
  • You'll be invited to pin your images on the board. I'll be pinning too as I run across campaigns that are pin-worthy. I've pinned over 1900 images since joining Pinterest. But, depending on your level of engagement, you'll be leading the charge in showing visitors that you are a leader in the board topic.
  • We'll work together on a sponsored post for that will discuss your chosen topic, your authority in the area and reference your Pinterest board.

You can check out an example on CafeGive's board Facebook Contests. Soon, CafeGive will be pinning examples of their favorite campaigns to show how they are a leader in Facebook contest applications for businesses and nonprofits.

The one-time fee for sponsoring the Pinterest board is $500.00. To learn more, contact me at