The 10 Commandments of Cause Marketing Law [INFOGRAPHIC]

10 commandments of cause marketing law

People ask me all the time about the legal side of cause marketing.

Do I need to register with the state?

What do I need to disclose to donors?

Will I have to pay a fine or go to jail if I mess up?

I hate legal questions because I don't have good answer for them. "Don't ask me," I reply. "You should talk to a lawyer, or call the attorney general's office in your state."

Karen Wu, Perlman & Perlman, LLP

Karen Wu, Perlman & Perlman, LLP

But I got SO MANY requests for legal information - and felt so frustrated because I didn't have an answer - I finally talked to a lawyer myself! And I couldn't have asked a better one than Karen Wu, Partner, Perlman & Perlman, LLP in New York City.

I knew Karen would be perfect to talk to for two reasons. First, she's a leading authority on cause marketing law. Second, after speaking with her, I knew she would explain the law in plain English - with no jargon or gobbledygook! 

Together, Karen and I created this wonderful infographic! For all of you who have questions about the legal issues that arise in cause marketing, the graph will be an excellent start. 

Here are two additional resources.

  1. Karen has included this one-pager on charitable solicitation registration and/or filing requirements for each state.
  2. This Wednesday - February 10th - Karen will be our guest on CauseTalk Radio to delve into the Ten Commandments of Cause Marketing Law. This will be a can't-miss episode of CauseTalk Radio!

Readers, this is a great opportunity to learn more about an important topic from a real pro. I learned a ton from Karen in preparing this infographic with her. So will you! 

10 Commandments of Cause Marketing Law [Infographic]

10 Commandment of Cause Marketing Law Infographic