Ep151: Organic Valley Boosts Sales with Spoof on Cause Marketing

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Clovis Siemon, video marketing manager, at Organic Valley about their Save the Bros campaign, a spoof on the traditional charity PSA.

The initial Save the Bros video attracted over 2.4 million views on YouTube and generated a "significant increase" in product sales following the launch.

After the initial video’s success, Organic Valley followed up by announcing the Brononymous Hotline, a way to anonymously send a coupon for Organic Fuel and one of seven video messages to a “bro” you know on Twitter to encourage them to “protein responsibly.”

Megan, Clovis and I discuss:

organic valley
  • What is Organic Valley? Short answer: it's a billion dollar company!
  • The different approach Organic Valley took to promote its new protein shake with 26 grams of organic protein.
  • How Save the Bros didn't happen overnight. Organic Valley worked with two different agencies and went through 29 rounds of creative that took months and months!
  • To enter into a new category, Organic Valley focused on "shock and awe" appeals. They considered some crazy ideas.
  • How the campaign was disruptive but still on-point and on-trend for the brand.
  • How Organic Valley distributed Save the Bros. They started with Upworthy, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Facebook was the best performer.
  • The follow up to Save the Bros was The Brononymous Hotline. They launched it on Twitter.
  • The irony of the Save the Bros is that bodybuilders aren't the target audience.
  • What were the marketing takeaways for Organic Valley following the success of Save the Bros

Show Notes

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