4 Steps to Launching a Fundraiser on Pinterest

Sloane Berrent sent me this news on the latest campaign from beauty brand Elizabeth Arden that combines cause marketing with Pinterest. I was struck by how easy it is to execute a cause marketing promotion on Pinterest - and that Elizabeth Arden was a darn good teacher. This is how it works:

Step 1: Recruit a Company Partner

Yeah, this is the hard part for most nonprofits, but not for Look Good Feel Better, which teaches beauty techniques to cancer patients that have appearance-related side effects from their cancer treatments. They were lucky to find Elizabeth Arden - or maybe EA found them. Whatever the case, once you have a partner that is willing to commit cash or product to a promotion (Elizabeth Alden is donating up to 10,000 eyeliners) you move next to creating the program on Pinterest.

EA Pinit

Step 2: Create a Board, Pick a Hashtag

On Elizabeth Arden's Pinterest page they created a board called #PinItToGiveIt and uploaded a bunch of relevant images. Regardless of whether you use one image or ten, be sure to use the same hashtag. For more info on hashtags on Pinterest, check out this post from my fellow For Dummies author Kelby Carr.

EA Board

Step 3: Promote the Board

Let people know about the board on and off social media. This is where being active on other social networks is helpful. For all its growth and publicity, Pinterest isn't a standalone site. You still need a blog, Twitter, YouTube and, of course, Facebook. Make sure people understand that their repin triggers the donation.

Ea facebook

Step 4: Count Up Your Pins & Collect Your Donation

How much money did you raise, or how many Elizabeth Arden eyeliners will Look Good, Feel better receive? Just revisit your board and see how many repins you have. Add them up and you have your total!

Ea pincount

While recruiting a company partner and promoting your board and hashtag will take time and skill, setting up the promotion on Pinterest is just as easy as setting up a Facebook Like Promotion.

What do you think? Are you ready to give cause marketing a try on Pinterest?