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Corporate Support for National Parks: America's Best Idea

Last April my family checked a big destination off our bucket list: the Grand Canyon. Looking out over its colorful, steep slopes we were hushed into silence. I was the first to speak: "No Starbucks as far as the eye can see."

An elbow poked my ribs. My wife had responded. It might as well have been the whole world. No one wants a corporate logo to despoil the Grand Canyon - or any other national park.

But that's just what park lovers are afraid of. Steve Casimiro, writing in Adventure Journal, is downright angry: "What a sad day, when America's best idea has to whore itself for a few dollars here and there."

Before Steve and other park lovers throw themselves off the North Rim, let's be clear on what companies want and what the National Parks Service (NPS) would be losing by not prioritizing corporate support. Finally, I'll share three ideas on how corporate support doesn't mean replacing Lincoln's face on Mount Rushmore with a McDonald's sign.