Ep240: Zillow Aims to Evict Housing Worries with 'The Home Project'


Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Racquel Russell, Senior Director, Government Relations and Public Affairs of Zillow Group, about a $5 million pledge in cash and in-kind contributions over the next five years to address housing insecurity as part of the company's first social impact program, The Home Project.

On the show, Megan, Racquel and I discuss:

Racquel Russell, Zillow Group

Racquel Russell, Zillow Group

  • Can you give us a brief overview of The Home Project and what the program is all about?
  • Zillow is partnering with non-profits whose mission aligns with The Home Project. Can you give us an example of what these partnerships hope to accomplish?
  • How do you plan to reach people who are having challenges with housing? 
  • How can employees get engaged with this program?
  • Another pillar of The Home Project is product development to help people find secure housing. What types of product developments do you anticipate rolling out in 2018?
  • Can you explain what "Hack Weeks” and "Innovation Weeks” are and how they fold into this initiative
  • What business objectives are attached to this program? How will you measure success?
  • Will you involve Zillow customers who are NOT housing insecure in this effort in any way?

Show Notes

The Home Project