Ep233: 'Tide Loads of Hope' Is Helping Texas & Florida Clean Up After Hurricanes

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Anne Candido, Fabric Care Communications, Procter & Gamble about bringing relief to residents affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma with P&G product kits and Tide Loads of Hope laundry services.

On the show, Megan, Anne and I discuss:

Anne Candido, P&G

Anne Candido, P&G

  • How Tide Loads of Hope got started and how it has evolved.
  • What's in the "care kits" that P&G distributes.
  • P&G's partnership with Matthew 25 Ministries and Whirlpool
  • How they communicate with victims on access to the truck when disaster areas don't have power.
  • How P&G employees can get involved in Tide Loads of Hope.
  • How are Tide Loads of Hope trucks used when they aren't needed for a disaster scene.
  • How the program is funded.
  • How Tide Loads of Hope helps P&G sell more detergent.
  • How P&G shares the Tide Loads of Hope mission with consumers. 
  • How P&G is growing the program.

Show Notes

Matthew 25 Ministries

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Tide Loads of Hope