A Pinup Sales Sheet for Pitching Businesses

I love this pinup sales sheet from Linda Tantawi the executive director at the CJ Foundation for SIDS. This is a great sales sheet from which Linda can explain to a business owner the three different kinds of pinup programs they can execute at the register in their stores. Thanks for sharing this with me and the Selfish Giving community, Linda! It's a great resource and I look forward to hearing about about your many successes with it!

Credit Union Turns Cause Marketing Advice into Gold for Haiti

I just had to share this.

Last week I got an e-mail out of the blue from Dan Rosenfeld.

The place where I work recently had a Haiti benefit. After convincing some of the other staff, we implemented our first pinup campaign, which played a huge part in fundraising. Credit unions are a perfect match for cause marketing; POS + social mission built in. Our members donated at teller windows, directly from their accounts, and our branches were quickly decorated with pinups. Selfish Giving played a huge role for us. Thanks for your help.

I've been writing Selfish Giving for 5 1/2 years and I'm proud of all the great cause marketing advice it offers nonprofits and businesses. I'm especially encouraged when smaller players like Dan's credit union show they can raise money with cause marketing just like the big guys.

Dan, you and co-workers and you credit union members rock! Keep up the great work!

Like Dan, you can learn a lot about cause marketing by just reading Selfish Giving. But if you aspire to Six Figure Cause Marketing my next five part program begins June 10th!

Cause Marketing Success Story: Ocean State Raises $212,000

Back in December I told you about Ocean State Job Lot and their annual pinup programs to support the hospital. Despite a sputtering economy, Ocean State not only met its goal, it blew it away! During the month of December, Ocean State Job Lot raised $212,000! That's almost 40% more than 2008.

Moreover, these results put them on track to raise one million dollars for the hospital in just six years.

Ocean State's tag line is The Home of Adventure Shopping. The joy and enthusiasm shoppers and employees find in their stores obviously extends to their giving!

Are you planning a cause marketing program for your nonprofit? Our work with Ocean State Job Lot helped us develop the best practices for our Six Figure Cause Marketing program. I hope you’ll check it out!

Check-Out-Line Charity a Perfect Fit for New Balance, Komen

New Balance and Komen already have a great partnership. But Chris Mann (@chrisrmann), Associate Manager, Brand Marketing for New Balance, wanted to make it even better by involving New Balance's 134 stores.

But how? 

That's how our conversation began a year ago when Chris asked my advice on creating a pinup program for New Balance's stores. It was a lot of fun working with Chris, and he knew a lot already thanks to his fundraising work at The Jimmy Fund, his job before New Balance.

Chris obviously wanted to raise more money for Komen. But he also had some other good goals, which he wisely knew could be accomplished through pinups.

To further educate customers about New Balance's support for breast cancer awareness. The pinup was a starting point to talk to customers about New Balance's ongoing support for Komen. If they didn't know about the partnership and Komen's great work already, they would now.

To educate sales associates. Let's face it, sometimes directives from the corporate mothership don't always trickle down to frontline workers. A pinup program was a great way to reinforce New Balance's commitment to Komen on every level, and to get employees talking (and learning) about the partnership.

While New Balance has 134 stores, the foot traffic is modest compared to other types of retailers. It's not like selling pinups at a busy supermarket or restaurant chain.  With a daily average of just 35 transactions, New Balance had to make the most of every single customer.

I told Chris that I faced a similar challenge with Valvoline Instant Oil Change, which averages  50 customers per store each day. In VIOC's case, we sold the pinup for $3 and added coupons to incentivize customers. Chris did just that. He sold the pinup for $5 and offered shoppers $10 off their next purchase.

The October pinup program for Komen raised $29,000.

A few things Chris learned from his program.

The ask is all. If you politely ask shoppers to buy a pinup at the register, not all of them will say yes. But a lot will. But if you don't ask, no one will buy a pinup. Period. It's that simple.

Take a top-down approach. Communicating effectively with store managers is key and will drive the success of the program.

Incentives work. I've had mixed results with incentives, but Chris reminded me of an incentive that always works: recognition. He created a friendly competition among stores with bragging rights in company communications.

Chris plans to repeat the October pinup program for Komen. He also plans to do another pinup program for Girls on the Run in May.

Phantom Gourmet Cooks-Up Cause Marketing Success


I'm not much of a foodie, but I love to listen to the three Andelman brothers of Phantom Gourmet banter on their weekly radio show here in Boston. My friend and colleague Joanna MacDonald is an even bigger fan and shares my wife's love for their weekly food and dining show on TV38.

The show is really a riot and, of course, they review some great places to eat in Greater Boston. Another pot simmering on the Phantom Gourmet stove of success is their annual BBQ Beach Party. While we have our hands full with our own events during the year, we're always looking for other venues we can tap to sell through to cause marketing partners and Phantom's BBQ Beach Party is a great opportunity. 

  • The Andelmans run a well established, successful event with a huge crowd.
  • The BBQ Beach Party is large enough to sustain a month-long cause marketing campaign.
  • Phantom Gourmet had several great promotional vehicles, including popular TV and radio shows and web site.

Dave Andelman, Founder of Phantom Gourmet, was very receptive when we met with him, and even accepted an invite from Sal Perisano, the President of iParty, to join him for a tour of the hospital. Dave liked the idea of helping a great cause--in this case the food pantry at BMC--while retail partners help him promote his BBQ event at the register with pinups that offer 50% off one ticket to the BBQ.

On our end, we took the exposure Phantom could offer partners on their radio and TV shows and web site and recruited these partners for the program, which will run May 23rd to June 27th.

iParty. iParty already does a late spring pinup program for us so we rolled their annual effort into the Phantom campaign so the party retailer would benefit from the extra promotion from the event and cross-promotion from other retailers.

Total stores involved: 50. Foot traffic: Good. Here's an interesting factoid: after Halloween, graduation season is their second busiest time of year.

Ocean State Job Lots. Up to this year, Ocean State always did one pinup program for us in December, but being fans of both the hospital and Phantom Gourmet they agreed to a second pinup program!

Total stores involved: 89. Foot traffic: Good. Not as busy as December when they do their main pinup program for us, but with consumers looking for savings, a discount retailer like OSJL right now is a very popular destination.

The Upper Crust. A longtime partner of Phantom Gourmet, the Andelmans recruited them to sell the pinup.

Total locations involved: 15. Foot traffic: Fair. They do a lot of takeout and it's unclear if takeout patrons will be asked to buy a mobile.

Tedeschi Food Shops. There's a great story behind Tedeschi coming aboard as a sponsor! We've been working on them as a prospect for five years, and finally, thanks to the help of a board member, and a great offering from Phantom Gourmet, we'll do our first cause marketing program with them this month.

Total stores involved: 188. Foot traffic: Good. Convenience stores are busy places so the quick turnaround at the register doesn't give the register clerk a lot time to interact with customers. In short, pinups can be a harder sell. But all those locations!

That brings the total number of retail locations participating in our latest cause marketing program to 342!  If the key to cause marketing point-of-sale success really is lots of locations and foot traffic, this program should be a winner!