Job Lot Breaks $1 Million with Cause Marketing Pinups

What started with 40,000 pounds of chicken has grown into a million dollar cause marketing program. Since 2004 when Ocean State Job Lot began selling their signature red gift box in their 100 stores to support cancer care services at the hospital, Job Lot has hosted multiple pinup programs that will surpass $1 million shortly after they start their winter program this weekend.

(It's not s a surprise considering how well their business is doing, even during a recession!)

Last year's winter program, which ran for four weeks, raised $212,000. For the past two years, OSJL has done a second program in the spring in support the food pantry at the hospital.

Cause marketing is just one way the owner of this New England discount retailer, Marc Perlman, helps us. In addition to being a major individual donor to the hospital, his company gives us  clothes, coats and food for our patients.

Just this week, Marc sent a tractor trailer full of cranberry sauce, potatoes and other products for clients of our food pantry whose Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without his support.

I often hold Job Lot up as an example of a great cause marketing partner. They added cause marketing to their stores to further support our cause and to engage and educate their customers in the effort. I'm sure they enjoy some benefits from all the cause marketing do, but they've never expressed any interest in what it does for them. (Believe me, I've tried!)

They're also not a retailer that bases its giving solely on OPM (Other People's Money). As I mentioned above, they help us in a lot of other ways.

That's why when people start complaining about the selfishness of cause marketing partners I get confused because I'm lucky to have a few great partners that show me everyday the reasons why cause marketing is a good thing.

Right now, I can actually think of a million of them.

Hospital Corporate Development Summit

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Hospital Corporate Development Summit today in Chicago. I had a great time and it was fun to meet you all.

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Cause Marketing Success Story: Ocean State Raises $212,000

Back in December I told you about Ocean State Job Lot and their annual pinup programs to support the hospital. Despite a sputtering economy, Ocean State not only met its goal, it blew it away! During the month of December, Ocean State Job Lot raised $212,000! That's almost 40% more than 2008.

Moreover, these results put them on track to raise one million dollars for the hospital in just six years.

Ocean State's tag line is The Home of Adventure Shopping. The joy and enthusiasm shoppers and employees find in their stores obviously extends to their giving!

Are you planning a cause marketing program for your nonprofit? Our work with Ocean State Job Lot helped us develop the best practices for our Six Figure Cause Marketing program. I hope you’ll check it out!