CauseTalk Radio Ep79: Jingit is Taking Cause Marketing Mobile

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Chris Murray, Director of Business Development, of Jingit about how they are shaking up payments and advertising with an app that's enabling marketers to follow a consumer from first media impression through purchase and into loyalty.

Chris also discusses how Jingit is being used for good, most recently to enhance a partnership between Walmart and Feeding America.

Tune in now!

Show Summary (Prepared by Megan Strand!)

0:00 - 2:54

Joe, Chris and Megan chat about the freezing weather and learn what location has the most temperature fluctuations in the world (you can probably skip this part if you're hard core).

3:00 - 4:15

Chris gives an overview of Jingit's payment and advertising platform (you should listen to this if you don't want to be confused the rest of the episode) and how they allow consumers to earn cash at every step of the brand engagement cycle.

4:30 - 6:20

Chris explains how Jingit serves brand, retailer and consumer with Jingit's version of a digital coupon.

6:20 - 7:25

Joe compares Jingit to Passbook. Chris explains the opt-in engagement model and how this allows brands to better understand the consumer's preferences.

7:30 - 9:20

Megan asks about the tie-in for consumers and cause. Chris explains Wal-Mart's hunger program and how Jingit helped power their in-store engagement. 

9:25 - 10:30

Chris talks about the benefit of providing content for consumer engagement and why Jingit is cautious about video content in big box stores. Chris also talks about BoxTops and how Jingit created a consumer interaction w/ General Mills.

10:35 - 11:00

Chris talks about how digital programs allow loyalty programs to grow.

11:04 - 12:58

Joe's been dying to bring it up - here it is: the mobile wallet discussion! Jingit chooses to be retailer and mobile wallet agnostic. Why mobile wallet is slower to catch on, but that may change with over 250 new mobile wallet providers entering the space.

13:00 - 15:40

What will incent consumers to care and make the jump to mobile wallets en masse? A discussion about how the engagement piece will rise to the top of the list of priorities.

15:45 - 17:15

The discussion turns toward the privacy issue and how it may come and bite people in the years to come. Did the Target privacy breech cause you to order new credit cards? Yeah…not for us either. Will it make you stop shopping at Target?

17:20 - 20:00

Another topic Joe's been dying to bring up: iBeacon and how the in-store beacons might impact consumer shopping experience. How Jingit connects with this technology. Did you hear about CES iBeacons getting hacked? Chris explains it here. Retailers are ramping up quickly and it's a competitive race about who rises to the top. The implications for cause and event hyperlocal engagement and fundraising.

20:00 - 22:35

Why it was important for WalMart to test their consumer engagement with a cause program. How Children's Miracle Network is getting in on the Jingit consumer engagement in their retail engagement and the major nugget of gold they anticipate receiving via these types of engagement.

22:43 - 23:36

Back to hyperlocal and how this can be integrated with the consumer engagement piece.

23:39 - 26:02

How you can find out more about Jingit, Joe Waters and SelfishGiving and Megan Strand and the Cause Marketing Forum.

CauseTalk Radio Ep10: Atlantic BT Talks Mobile, Nonprofit and $25k Contest

In this episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Tonia Zampieri, Mobile Strategist, Atlantic BT about how mobile technology is changing nonprofit communications and cause marketing partnerships. We discuss having separate mobile strategies for smartphones and tablets, and some interesting new research on the connection between emotion and mobile ads.

Tonia also walks us through a new contest being sponsored by Atlantic BT that will give one lucky nonprofit a mobile makeover worth $25,000!



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Atlantic BT Contest Site

Making People Cry Isn't a Good Nonprofit Mobile Strategy

Mobile Moms are Waiting for Your Cause to Call

Mobile. Moms. Cause Marketing. These three things are made for each other. Not unlike:

"The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost"

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

"...of the people, by the people, for the people"

"Mo, Larry and Curly"

We all know that moms are the shoppers of the household. Heck, except for Starbucks and gadgets, I don't even buy my own underwear.

No, my mom doesn't buy my underwear. But my wife who's a mom of two does. Um..doesn't yours? Maybe not. Still, moms buy a lot: they manage 80% of the household spending.

Moms are also the main drivers of cause marketing. According to the 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study, moms are by far the nation’s most active cause consumers. A near-unanimous 95 percent find cause marketing acceptable and 61 percent  have purchased a cause-related product in the past 12 months.

Moms do the shopping and they love cause marketing! They also love their smartphones.

A recent study by BabyCenter found that having kids is a trigger for women to adopt smartphones,and with good reason. They're super portable and you can use them one-handed when you have baby in the other. Key features of the smartphone for moms are the camera, apps for staying organized and keeping the kids entertained.

One mommy blogger explains.

I actually drafted this post with one hand on my iPhone while holding baby with the other and simultaneously bouncing on an exercise ball to keep her happy! My handy iPhone had been the only way for me to connect to the outside world the first couple months after giving birth. With one hand, I could email, text, set Facebook status updates, browse the internet, take and post photos and videos - all things necessary for this Millennial to live happily, connected and informed. Not to mention all of the helpful apps for everything from keeping track of feeding schedules to educational kids games. Isn't technology wonderful? Honestly, I don't know how mothers of other generations were able to multi-task without the great gizmos and gadgets that I and other Millennials have readily at hand and are dependent upon.

68% of moms said they use their phones for shopping with nearly half saying they took an action (unspecified) after they saw an ad on their phone.

Moms are the household shoppers. Moms overwhelmingly support cause marketing. Moms are relying on their smartphones for everything, including shopping. Cause marketing should be part of their mobile experience as well.

As cause marketers we need to resize our thinking about cause marketing to just 3.5 inches, the size of an iPhone screen. Your key audience is roaming with their phones and constantly looking to see what's on them.

Make sure they see you there.

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