CauseTalk Radio Ep66: Cone Study: Tragedy Awaits Companies that Lag on Disaster Relief

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Craig Bida, executive vice president, Social Impact, Cone Communications, about his firm's new study, 2013 Disaster Relief Trend Tracker.

Craig shares how people all over the world are looking to companies to provide immediate and long term relief after a disaster. Companies that don't will face their own disaster in public relations and loss of consumer confidence and trust.

We also talk with Craig about how cause marketers can better prepare businesses for a post-disaster response that is timely, significant and fair.

Were company responses to the Yarnell wildfire deaths, Boston bombings and even to the current flooding in Colorado tragic or triumphant? Tune in now to find out!

Remembering 9/11 and the Cause Marketing That Wasn't


I will never forget 9/11. I will never forget the people we lost on 9/11. I will never forget the people who died after 9/11 because of 9/11.

In the past 12 years there hasn't been a lot of cause marketing connected with September 11th. Maybe that's a good thing. But, according to Cone's Craig Bida, there's no reason why cause marketing can't be done well on 9/11. Craig's 2011 article in on the tenth anniversary of the tragedy has some good and bad examples of 9/11 cause marketing.

Craig also offers five fundamental principles of cause branding that are particularly relevant for companies considering any 9/11-related promotion.

Another issue we should weigh on this day is how money is raised and dispersed to victims and their families after a tragedy or disaster. Over 3,000 people died on 9/11 and $7 billion dollars was distributed to families in the aftermath. Much of this money came from Americans who felt the only way they could help was to give money.

Likewise, after the Boston Bombings, tens of millions was raised for the victims.

Ken Feinberg oversaw the distribution of funds in both New York and Boston. I remember reading that he said a woman whose child died in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing wrote a letter asking him where her check was.

Was her lost nor worthy of of our generosity?

We need a better way of collecting and distributing funds after a tragedy or disaster. As I recently wrote, the next tragedy is right around the corner. How deep the pain is, and how long it will last will be largely up to us.

CauseTalk Radio Ep39: Cone's Craig Bida Sees Future of Cause Marketiing in 2013 Crystal Ball

In today's episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Craig Bida, Executive Vice President of Cause Branding at Cone, on lessons learned in 2012, and how cause marketers should adjust their course in 2013. We share some of our favorite programs from last year and Craig looks ahead with his 5 Anti-Trends for 2013.

If you want to hear from a razor sharp leader in the field who wisely avoided the spiked egg nog over the holidays and instead focused on peering into the future of cause marketing, you should resolve to listen to this episode! We promise you'll feel better and more alive than our producer Pete Wright and Ted Strand, Megan's husband, felt after eating this bacon bomb!

CauseTalk Radio Ep14: Cause Marketing, Cause Branding, CSR: What's the Difference?

In today's episode, we chat with Craig Bida, Executive Vice President, Cause Branding and Nonprofit Marketing at Cone Communications, to discover - once and for all - what the difference is between corporate social responsibility (CSR), cause marketing and cause branding. Don't know the difference yourself? Today's show's a must-listen. Craig's background in consumer products at P&G frames the conversation and we take a deep dive into the evolution of this field of doing well by doing good

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Craig's Company: Cone Communcations

Celebrate the Fourth with Cause Marketing that Supports Troops

Happy Fourth of July! I'm celebrating the day with these three cause marketing promotions that support our troops - a great cause to support on the day we celebrate freedom. I didn't find these promotions. I asked you to send me your examples of Indendence Day cause marketing and you responded!

These three were the best.

In first place, Joey Leslie in San Luis Obiscpo, California sent me this promotion from Which Wich Superior Sandwiches. Which Wich will be filling the decorated bags with treats for troops overseas. This is a great example of cause marketing and shows that ANY company can find a creative way to support a cause.

Congrats to Joey Leslie and Which Wich! Joey will be receiving a copy of my new book Cause Marketing for Dummies. Which Wich will be featured in the second edition of Cause Marketing for Dummies in the chapter Top 10 Cause Marketing Promotions We Wish We Could Take Credit For.

In second place, Colleen Cronin of South Boston who's a huge fan of Great American Cookies, shared this promotion with me. When you buy the "Uncle Sam Hat" or "US Flag", GAC will donate $2 to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, a nonprofit committed to helping injured troops and their families.

This promotion kicks off TODAY and runs through September 16th!

This program is a model example of a purchase-triggered cause marketing program. A cookie purchase triggers a $2 donation to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. While Great American Cookies, not the consumer, ultimately makes the donation, the company hopes the program will make cookie sales rise, which in turn increases the donation to the fund. It's a win for the company, for the cause and for consumers.

In third place is Chris Mann, a cause marketer at Boston's Cone Communications. who pointed me to a client promotion involving Budweiser and Folds of Honor Foundation. FHF supports the families of fallen soldiers with scholarships and other kinds of assistance. Budweiser cans will display the flag this summer, and for every case sold, Budweiser will donate five cents to Folds of Honor. This ain't no tin can promotion. Budweiser's goal is to raise $2 million for Folds of Honor.

Congrats to Joey, Colleen and Chris for great submissions!