Ep125: Men's Wearhouse is Well Suited for Collection Drive

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Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Brandy Rettus, Corporate Giving Administrator for Men's Wearhouse, about their National Suit Drive, which benefits at-risk men transitioning into the workforce.

Today on the show, Megan, Brandy and I discuss:

Brandy Rettus, Men's Wearhouse

Brandy Rettus, Men's Wearhouse

  • How the National Suit Drive began in Washington D. C. in 2003 and last year collected a record 200,000 suits at 1,100 stores.
  • How Men's Wearhouse uses a generous incentive to motivate donors to bring in their old suits.
  • How employees are highly engaged in the program and a big reason for its success.
  • How Men's Wearhouse picks its local nonprofit partners, which are frequently connected to individual stores.
  • What Men's Wearhouse does with the crazy, outrageous suits that people donate!
  • How the National Suit Drive impacts the company's bottom line with new and returning customers.
  • How Men's Wearhouse identifies and communicates the stories of men they've helped transition back into the workforce. 
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