Ep124: This Social Enterprise Wants to be the DonorsChoose for Nonprofits

causetalk radio ep124

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Liz Deering, Founder of 121Giving, a marketplace and crowdfunding platform driven by the real needs of nonprofits and powered by people and brands that care.

121Giving wants to serve nonprofits like DonorsChoose helps classrooms get the things they need.

On today's show, Megan, Liz and I discuss:

Liz Deering, 121 Giving

Liz Deering, 121 Giving

  • How 121Giving streamlines the process to get nonprofits the supplies they need with a platform that is flexible, comprehensive and easy to use.
  • How 121Giving is a site for both fundraising and for curating the products nonprofits need to accomplish their missions.
  • How the revenue model for 121Giving works - a combination of charging a small fee to participating brands and donors.
  • The challenges of building an audience of donors and nonprofits in a world gone good!
  • Examples of causes that are benefiting from the 121Giving platform.
  • Why Joe thinks 121Giving needs drones to deliver products!

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