Newsletter: Should Partners Make a Minimum Commitment? 🤔 ; GameStop Salutes ‘The Brave’ with POS Fundraiser 🕹🇺🇸; ACLU is Rocking Instagram Without Photos 🤭

Newsletter reader Trish Conklin, Director of Corporate Sponsorships at One Warm Coat, had a great idea for a survey question:

Does your nonprofit require corporate partners to make a minimum revenue commitment?

The commitment could be upfront, or for a specific fundraiser when it's unclear how much will be raised (e.g. POS program, donation boxes, purchase or action triggered donation, etc.) so you ask the partner to guarantee a specific amount.

In the coming weeks, we'll report back to you on the survey results and share some useful advice on how to address the challenge of getting a minimum revenue commitment from partners.


✍️ Partnership Notes


1. GameStop is struggling as a retailer, but it's good to see they are still doing fundraisers like this one ⬆︎ with the Call of Duty Endowment.

2. Yay! No more elephant rides and horse-drawn carriages.🐎Two major tour companies partner with World Animal Protection to ban animal performances, carriage rides and dog sledding.

3. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital just named this restaurant chain emerging partner of the year. Imagine having so many corporate partners you could have an "emerging" category! 😳

4. A great new report from For Momentum that includes the top five takeaways to position your partnership team - even if that team is JUST YOU! - for selling success. [SPONSORED LINK]

🤑 Marketing Your Cause

1. Not everyone wants to target Millennials. 5 practical ways to target seniors in digital marketing. #5 surprised me.

2. Here's a campaign that's tapping into older consumers' sense of nostalgia for the lemonade stands of their youths. Kraft Heinz brand Country Time is using outdoor advertising to take a stand on legalizing lemonade stands. Parents whose kids have received fines for operating a lemonade stand can submit claims to the "Country Time Legal-Ade" team for reimbursement up to $300.

3. How the ACLU is rocking Instagram without photos!

🔬Cause Research

Betsy who? Nike doesn't care if retirees in Arizona aren't buying its shoes. It's playing the long game...


Source: C-suite Silos are Failing Today’s Politi-CEOs

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause

1. Corporate & Community Fundraiser, Rady Children's Hospital (San Diego)

2. National Manager, Corporate Partnerships, JDRF (San Fran)

3. Senior Associate, Corporate & Donor Engagement, Playworks (Boston)

4. Partnership Marketing, Burlington Stores (Burlington, NJ)

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🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. Conference calls suck because you're lazy. Here's how to do them better.

2. This lawsuit could reveal secrets about Silicon Valley’s favorite philanthropic loophole: donor-advised funds.

3. A super easy research tool from ProPublica that lets you research the filings of tax exempt organizations. So much easier to use than other sites and no registration required.

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