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Everyone wants more hot leads (direct inquiries from potential partners). But what about warm leads (someone who shows interest in your organization)? Would you like more warm leads if I showed you two ways to get them???

Okay, here you go.

First, every nonprofit should have an email pop-up on its homepage. Most of you are familiar with the pop-up I use at Selfish Giving. (Technically mine is a welcome mat, but it serves the same purpose.) Yeah, I know pop-ups are annoying - blah blah blah - but the truth is they work for collecting email addresses. Ideally, you should use a pop-up to collect emails so you can send subscribers email updates, newsletters, etc. But even if you don't plan on sending subscribers anything you should still have a pop-up. Why? For the leads.

If visitors are truly interested in your organization, they'll enter their email when they see the pop-up. Of course, some of these people will enter their business emails (e.g. Review these signups weekly and research the business emails on LinkedIn. If they are a senior person within the business, pick up the phone and leave them a message. "I saw that you signed up for email updates on our website," I would say. "Is there something specific you are looking for, or can I answer a question for you?" Don't sell. Just offer to be of service to them. See what happens! 

Second, experiment with a service called Leadfeeder (Not an affiliate link. I don't have any connection with the company.). I just completed a 14-day trial with the service. Leadfeeder tells you the companies visiting your website and which pages they visited. On February 12th, LeadFeeder sent me this result:

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Now, I know the folks at World Finest Chocolate. I met Emily Topp at the Engage for Good Conference last year and ate the candy bars she brought until my teeth hurt (just ask Megan Strand). They are a wonderful company that helps organizations run fundraisers with - you guessed it - yummy chocolate! 😋

I didn't know WFC had visited my website until I got the Leadfeeder alert. Since WFC spent nearly 18 minutes on my site, I decided to email Emily to ask if she visited my site and found what she was looking for. It turned out she did have a few more questions and I was happy to answer them. Hey, this could mean more chocolate for me down the road!

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You could also get something sweet.

Sign up for a free trial of Leadfeeder and see which companies are visiting your website. When you get the list you have two options. First, if you've been talking to the company, email or call your contact and ask them if you can be helpful. Again, don't sell. Offer to be of service to them. Second, if you haven't been in contact with the company, now may be a good time to put them on your radar screen.

One final point: using something like Leadfeeder is a great reason to have a corporate partnership page and case studies on your website. If a company visits these pages they are signaling interest and could be a great lead for you.

Good luck. Let me know how these two suggestions work for you.

✍️ Partnership Note

1. You have to read this story.⬆︎ Cultivo Organic Cold Brew Coffee and grocery chain Fairway Market - with 15 locations - have combined forces to provide meals for queer teenagers living on the street of New York City. But the story behind the partnership is pure GOLD[EN] and will surprise and delight you!

2. Raising one million wasn't enough for Sports Clips Haircuts. They've committed to raising another million for St. Baldrick's Foundation over the next three years.

3. Thanks to in-store fundraisers at its 2,200 automotive centers, Bridgestone Retail Operations raised $2.8 for Boys & Girls Clubs of America in 2018. This is double what they raised in 2017!

🤑 Marketing Your Cause

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1. Instagram is testing a donation sticker in stories, and what you can do to raise money until they roll out this feature.

2. Great article from Wild Apricot on how nonprofits can use augmented reality and 12 examples to learn from!

3. More nonprofits should have FAQ pages. It can help with SEO, featured snippets and voice search results.

4. The Tenement Museum in NYC has launched an interesting new podcast I'll be listening to. Check out How to be an American

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause Marketing**

1. Director, Corporate Partnership, Mercy Corps - (San Francisco, NYC)

2. B2B Sales Executive, Gifts for Good (Los Angeles)

3. Senior Director, Corporate Initiatives & Partnerships, Alzheimer's Association (Chicago)

4. Membership & Development Program Manager, The Conservation Alliance (Bend, Oregon)

5. Vice President of Development, Rebuilding Together (Washington, DC)

**Have your cause-related job featured here for FREE. Hit reply to this email and give me the details and a link.

🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. What I learned about donor-advised funds as a foundation insider. "I woke up to the sudden realization that I’d been doing a terrible disservice to society."

2. Use this 3-step process to figure out how much influence you have at work.

3. Best talk show entrance evah.

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