Newsletter: 150 CSR Execs on 2019 Trends📉; ‘Rise & Shrine’ Blend Supports Hospital ☕️; Best TOF Lead Gen Tactics🌪

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Two things today.

First, thanks to everyone for helping the Selfish Giving newsletter recently achieve three new highs. Last week's newsletter had a 52.6 percent open rate! (Most newsletters are lucky if they get a 20 percent open rate.) Yet another new high happened two weeks ago on February 6th when the newsletter had 1,009 clickthroughs on articles. That's the first time clickthroughs have exceeded 1,000. Finally, as the graph above shows⬆︎, the newsletter had a banner month in January with a huge jump in new subscribers - the most ever!

What do these three "highs" mean?

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Second, I spend hours every week putting this newsletter together. It's a labor of love, but it also takes a lot of time! I don't get paid to do this - at least not directly. Like most newsletter creators, I rely a bit on newsletter sponsorships to help pay the bills. As many of you know, Brittany Hill and Maureen Carlson at Catalist have been great supporters of the newsletter for more than a year!

They have two new webinars coming up that you should attend:

➡️ I mentioned the first one last weekTomorrow, February 21st, Catalist is offering a FREE one-hour webinar sharing their findings from a 2018 research surveying over 1,000 Americans to better understand their perceptions and affinities toward the intersection of sports and social good. Are you interested in working with sports teams, leagues and players? This webinar is for you! Signup HERE. Whet your appetite with this article on 5 NBA Players That Are Giving Back.

➡️ Next Wednesday, February 27th, Catalist is offering a FREE one-hour webinar sharing their findings of reaching out to more than 150 CSR executives and capturing their thoughts, challenges and predictions for the upcoming year. You can learn more about this webinar by reading this new post on my blog. Webinar signup is here!

Thanks again for all your support...and for supporting my partners.

✍️ Partnership Notes

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1. Shriners Hospital for Children and Tampa-based Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company team up for Rise & Shrine Blend.

2. Midwestern peeps. Grocer Hy-Vee has begun piloting a mobile shopping app that helps grocery retailers cut back on food waste. With 245 stores, you'll need do your homework. CEO Randy Edeker talks about the store of the future.

3. Where do I apply? This company gives their employees free vodka and “pot of gold” money they can donate to charities.

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4. Speaking of employees, here's how NOT to motivate them to sell charity pinups.

5. convince companies to take action on social Issues, enlist employees to emphasize morals, not the business case. BTW, anthropologists at the University of Oxford have compiled the seven moral rules seen in every culture.

🤑 Marketing Your Cause

1. After adding people to my email newsletter list, my second biggest focus is removing them from it. Embracing email unsubscribes will improve your results and make you feel better that your newsletter is having an impact.

2. You need to stand out to cut through the noise, people. In a city of activists, savvy protestors in Washington, D.C. are finding creative ways to do just that.

3. How this hospital is using virtual reality to give supporters a 360 degree tour of nine key areas.

4. Which tactics are most effective in generating leads for corporate partnerships pros?⬆︎ Is this true for you? I was kind of surprised that events ranked so high. Ahem, case studies, folks. Case studies.

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause Marketing**

1. Corporate Development Officer, American Red Cross (Boston)

2. Director, Activation, Children's Miracle Network (Salt Lake City)

3. Director, Corporate Partnerships, One Warm Coat (Virtual)

4. Corporate Responsibility Specialist, PVH Corporation (NYC)

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🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. How a few smart people turned the Westminster Dog Show into a social media sensation.

2. The super rich invited this historian to give a talk. Watch for the moment when their mouths drop.

3. RIP famed fashion designer and book collector Karl Lagerfeld22 controversial quotes

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