Newsletter: Harry’s Cuts Deep with Pledge to Men’s Mental Health🔪; Big Brothers Big Sisters Rebrands 🤑; Lessons on Attracting Veteran Volunteers from Team Rubicon🎖

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🖋 Partnership Notes

1. Here's a good roundup of brands that offered discounts to voters on November 6th.

2. I saw this at Michaels StoresTurkey on the Table. Give thanks this Thanksgiving and support Feeding America. But I'm not sure I want to be looking at a cute turkey while I'm eating another.🧐

3. Shaving brand Harry’s is further linking its brand to men’s mental health with a $500,000 donation and a new campaign starring veterans with PTSD.

4. Nice example of a case study that profiles a partnership between Superdrug and Marie Curie[Case Study Service]

5. Wow. Retailer Five Below is on quite a tear. The number of stores they've opened has quadrupled in the past six years. Is your nonprofit working with them? I know St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is one partner. I'd love to hear of another success story!

6. Here's a buzzword and stat from Edelman for your pitch deck. "Belief-Driven Buyers": 59 percent of consumers report that they prefer to buy from brands largely based on the values and advocacy of the brand.

📣 Marketing Your Cause

1. Times have changed. Your brand needs to be loud, aggressive and outspoken like you know who.

2. Speaking of brands that are trying to loud, aggressive and outspoken, Big Brothers Big Sisters rebrands. But what's really changed? Here's an interesting, deeper dive on the logo change.

3. The faltering of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is not a marketing problem. It's a cultural shift from which it won't fully recover. Can the CFC survive? Absolutely - if it accepts now that it will have to be run as a much, much smaller entity. Ditto United Way. Any truth is better than make believe (Thoreau).

4. Is your target audience Gen Z? They have a whole different way of communicating - and it's not text-based.

5. Working with Polar Bears International, Irish bookie Paddy Power explains why they painted a cross on a polar bear...and it's pretty brilliant. [VIDEO]

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause**

1. Corporate & Foundation Relations Manager, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital (Plymouth, MA)

2. Director, Corporate Initiatives, Girl Scouts of America (NYC)

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🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. While you're talking to businesses about cause marketing, why not make the case for sustainability? Check out what's being done with old leather seat covers from 100 Amtrak trains.

2. Team Rubicon's advice on how to attract veterans as volunteers. Learn from the best!

3. How to interview a fundraising job candidate who’s not a fundraiser.

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