Newsletter: How to Promote Your Partnerships with Facebook 🤘; United Way, Lyft Expand Free Ride Program 🚘; How Anthony Bourdain Gave Back to Causes 😢

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Here's a fact for you. Corporate partners expect you to promote their partnership with your nonprofit. And they want that promotion done digitally. Your snail mail print newsletter isn't going to cut it.

To accomplish this for partners, nonprofits have two challenges:

1. No audience, no channels. Nonprofits either don't have a large, engaged audience to promote the partnership to and/or they've never taken the time to develop one or more digital channels to communicate with this audience.

2. Reluctance to promote partnerships. Some nonprofits are hesitant to promote  partnerships on their social channels. They feel it's not a good fit or appropriate. Heck, it may even be illegal depending on the commercial co-venture guidelines in their state.

If you're challenge is #1, call me or someone else and fix this problem ASAP. If you do nothing else, focus on email and building a list of engaged subscribers. That's your #1 priority.

If you're challenge is #2, you don't have a challenge (Yay!) and YOU CAN promote partnerships on your site. However, it does require a bit of research and a content mindset. Again, I can help with this.

However, in the interest of giving you a "quick fix," you can INDIRECTLY promote your partnerships to your supporters with Facebook ads.

You'll need three things: (1) an email list (that's why list-building should be your #1 priority) (2) money and (3) some semblance of trust in Mark Zuckerberg 😈(yeah, it's an issue, right?). Here's how it works:

1. Write a wicked awesome post on a successful partnership. This post could run on your site, your partner's site or even a third-party site.

2. Upload your email list to Facebook and create a "custom audience."

3. Create a Facebook ad and set a budget to specifically target these email subscribers (aka your supporters).

Presto! You've just promoted your a corporate partnership to your supporters via sponsored content on Facebook without using your own social channels. Worried about selling your soul (i.e. data) to Facebook? We're all having second doubts, right? You have another option: build your own content hub instead of relying on rented land. Stop chasing the media and BE the media.

Questions on this approach or anything else I discussed today? Just hit reply and I'll answer them.

New stuff from me 😊

🎙Reminder: CauseTalk Radio is on hiatus until the fall. Megan and I will be back with new episodes and a new format. In our last episode, we shared some of our favorite episodes that will keep you busy for the next 8 to 10 weeks!

Partnership notes 📝


🐢Utility company partners with Mass Wildlife to teach workers how to find and protect turtles during construction digs. I ❤️this!

☕️Last Wednesday was Tim Hortons annual donate profits day for #CampDay. They've raised $175 million over the past 25 years, which has been used to send low-income kids to camp.

🚙Working with the United WayLyft is expanding its free ride program beyond disasters and crises to cover everything from medical treatments to job interviews.

Marketing your cause 🤑


👆A good slide to add to your pitch deck. 

📊Is your nonprofit always being outranked on Google by a competitor? Domain Authority is probably the culprit. What it is, how to measure it and how to increase it are explained here.

🏳️‍🌈Ad agency FCB Health partnered with the Gay Men’s Health Crisis to create and distribute “blood flags” across their social channels for each country that claims to endorse LGBTQ equality and yet prohibits gay men from donating blood.

Cool jobs in cause** 😎

1. Manager, Community Engagement & Charitable Giving, Southeastern Grocers (Jacksonville, FL)

2. Senior Director of Corporate Initiatives, Girl Scouts of America (NYC)

3. Stewardship Coordinator, Corporate and Foundation Giving, The Field Museum (Chicago)

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Brain food 🧠🍎

😢How Anthony Bourdain championed charitable causes

🤳How to raise money from a narcissist.

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