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Years ago I used to work for a chamber that hosted networking events. Members came to these events to meet new people. But that's not what happened.

People either talked to people they already knew OR to new people that were similar to them in occupation and/or status. Sales people would talk to sales people and CEO's would talk to other c-level executives. Watching this happen month after month, I concluded that networking events are a better place to catch up with friends than make new ones.

A Columbia Business School study confirmed what I thought. Despite 95% of networkers expressing a desire to meet new people, the average person spent half of their time with the one-third of the people they already knew. Wah wah.

So what's a better way to meet new corporate partners? Get involved in things for which you have a passion and require sustained interaction with people. For example, if you love to run, join a running club and get to know your fellow runners. Will you meet your next corporate partner there? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you do you'll have a better chance of actually "networking" with them.

If you still want to attend networking events, focus on meeting people with similar interests that you could invite to a smaller group with more meaningful interactions. Finding the courage to chat with a CEO about a selfless goal, interest or passion is a lot better than pitching your organization.

So, should you go to that next networking event? Probably not. Instead, find ways to socialize your passions and interests and then keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. Your next corporate partner may be slow runner just like you!

New stuff from me 😊

πŸŽ™This week on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to...wait for it...each other! We share our plans for CauseTalk Radio. (Don't worry! We'll be back.) In other news, Megan and I also share our favorite shows of 2018.

Partnership notes πŸ“

Screenshot 2018-06-03 20.22.17.png

🐘Cream liqueur maker Amarula reports the results of its 2017 cause marketing campaign in which they removed the elephant symbol from their packaging for World Elephant Day in solidarity with the war against poaching.

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆKimpton Hotels & Restaurants launches a special reservation link that donates $10 per night to The Trevor Project and rewards donors with 15% off the hotel’s best flexible rate.

⚽️Mastercard cause-jacks the World Cup but still doesn't score with fans. They can commiserate with LUSH who is getting blow back on its #SPYCOP campaign. While Mastercard looks self-serving, Lush is taking a stand. See the difference?

Marketing your cause πŸ€‘

🚬Vital Strategies launches Quit Big Tobacco asking ad agency staffers to not work with tobacco clients. It also wants brands to refuse to work with firms that have tobacco clients, and for universities to refuse money from tobacco companies for research.

direct (2).jpeg

πŸ•The internet has changed how dogs find homes. And rescue organizations have had to jump on the meme train - or else.

πŸ“žWhy no one answers their phone anymore. Still, leaving a voicemail for prospects may be a good way to add a human connection to your email. Do you agree?

πŸ“ŠTeens from lower-income families are Facebook power-users.

🀨Interesting! The case AGAINST having empathy. Should are marketing move people more to "effective altruism" instead of "warm-glow altruism"? [Video, 3 min.]

πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ˆMen expect something in return for their donation. That may explain why they are giving less to nonprofits and more to social enterprises.

Cool jobs in cause** 😎

1. Director, New Partnerships, Southwest Region Development, Feeding America (Los Angeles, Houston or Dallas)

2. Corporate Partnerships Manager, City Year (Dallas, TX)

3. Manager, CSR & Strategic Partnerships, Holt International (Eugene, OR)

4. Vice President, CSR, NBCUniversal (New York, NY)

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Brain food 🧠🍎

πŸ’ŠFreakonomics explores why the most vilified industry in America is also the most charitable.

πŸ’Consumers are demanding change and companies are listening. Period. Case in point: diamond behemoth De Beers.

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