Ep171: Nationwide Puts Cause Content to Work for Safety's Sake with 'Make Safe Happen'

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Elicia Azali, Associate Vice President at insurance and financial services provider Nationwide. We discuss their cause initiative Make Safe Happen, which seeks to reduce accidental injury at home, the number one cause of death among children.

On the show, Megan, Elicia and I discuss:

Elicia Azali, Nationwide

Elicia Azali, Nationwide

  • How Nationwide's commitment to safety initiatives and Make Safe Happen got started. It began decades ago!
  • Make Safe Happen is a comprehensive platform. Elicia offers some examples of how Nationwide is helping to keep kids safe.
  • The challenges of creating a comprehensive site that addresses so many safety issues.
  • The focus this year on four injury areas: furniture/TV tip overs, poisoning, water and fire safety.
  • Nationwide's partnership with Nationwide Children's Hospital and Safe Kids Worldwide to bring Make Safe Happen to life.
  • Nationwide's business objectives for Make Safe Happen
  • The channels (social, earned media, influencers) Nationwide is using to promote Make Safe Happen.
  • The feedback Nationwide has gotten on the platform.

Show Notes

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