Ep172: A New Report Reveals How Checkout Charity Can Continue to Thrive

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Brittany Hill, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Catalist, an agency focused on providing corporate partnership professionals tangible and sustainable tools to meet their fundraising goals.

Megan, Brittany and I discuss Catalist's recent report, Revelations at the Register: A Look Into Sector Specific Consumer Giving Preferences at the Register.

On the show, we cover:

Brittany Hill, Catalist

Brittany Hill, Catalist

  • How Catalist defines "Checkout Charity." What does it include?
  • What were the goals of the study?
  • How checkout charity drives customer loyalty.
  • What consumers want after they donate at the register. Is a simple thank you enough?
  • While two-thirds of respondents said they've given at the register, one-third had not. How can this group be engaged?
  • The importance of brand recognition at the register. What should you do if your nonprofit brand isn't well known?
  • Consumer feelings on donating through PIN pads. Do consumers prefer to be asked verbally or electronically - or both?
  • How much do consumers want to donate at the register? Why haven't round-up programs taken off?
  • Are paper pinups on life support? Do consumers still like to see them hanging in stores? What will become of Joe's reputation as the "Pinup King"?
  • Brittany shares what she thought was the most interesting finding of the study.

Show Notes

Revelations at the Register [DOWNLOAD NOW]

Take That Critics: Consumers Like Donating at the Register

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