Newsletter: Marketing that Gets Noticed 🧐 ; 9 Ways to Avoid ‘Woke Washing’ 😇 🚿; Why Targeting Millennials May Not be Such a Great Idea After All 👫


This week I've been noticing what I notice.

First, it was these warming stripe graphics on Twitter with the hashtag #ShowYourStripes. I was like, "What the heck is this and why is everyone sharing it?" Turns out the stripes show the rise in annual average temperature from 1895-2018 here in Massachusetts. You can find and share your stripe here.

What visual can you create that makes people curious and/or clearly shows the dire problem you're trying to fix in the world?

Second, it was all the articles on Woke Washing I read and saw this past week. Everyone is talking about how brands are selfish, disingenuous and transactional.

How - in your own modest way - can you get attention for a single trending issue? At the very least, we can all do a better job massing our forces so we can break through with our message.

Finally, it was this headline in USA Today on plastic that made me think, "Wow, really? I'm eating that?"

Screenshot 2019-06-24 14.24.49.png

How can you use relatable, tangible language that makes people say "Really?" "Noooooo!" or "WOW!!"

✍️ Partnership Notes


1. Lately there's been a lot of ink spilled on "Woke Washing," especially around Pride Month. It's a minefield out there! I bet some companies are getting nervous, and may be asking you for advice. Here's someone that can help. Marketing smarty Mark Schaefer has nine suggestions for avoiding woke washing and for maximizing purpose in an authentic way.

2. Early this month, I shared a slide from Chad Royal-Pascoe's presentation at the Engage for Good Conference on an 8-point framework for working with corporate partners that he uses at Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Some of you wrote back asking if you could have a peek at the whole presentation. Some of you wrote back asking if you could see the whole presentation. It was a big ask, and I'm sure Chad expects a favor or two 😉in return, but you can view it here. Thanks, Chad!

3. Congratulations! You've gotten a meeting with a top corporate prospect. But you're stuck. Should you pitch or not pitch? Jonathan Andrews of Remarkable Partnerships in the UK offers some great advice!

🤑 Marketing Your Cause

1. Are you technically the head of marketing for your organization, but don't feel like you're making any of the big decisions? Great advice here from Seth Godin. Share it with your boss! Your organization needs you to be so much more than just the head of marketing operations.

2. I'm always telling you to focus on email. But the world is screaming for more video. Why not combine the two? How to use video in email marketing.

3. Not sure I agree, but here's the case for NOT targeting Millennials. [Hit a paywall? I can email this to you.]

🔬Cause Research

Where is the REAL money in companies? Not in traditional corporate charitable giving, that's for sure. The money is in the consumer and the employee!

Screenshot 2019-06-24 10.45.06.png

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause

1. Multiple Positions, Boys & Girls Clubs of America (Atlanta/Virtual)

2. Development Manager, Seeds of Africa Foundation (NYC)

3. Associate Regional Director, ADL (Atlanta)

Have your cause-related job featured here for FREE. Hit reply to this email and give me the details and a link to the position.

🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. Is United Way a funder in need of a new funding model or just retirement? 🤔

2. Warby Parker had a mission, but its customers didn't care. Today, mission is #1 for customers. How did they get them to care?

3. Donations fell 1.7 percent in 2018. What should fundraisers do next. [Hit a paywall? I can email this to you.]

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