Ep139: C-Store Raises $1.2 Million, Earns Cause Marketing Stripes

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Sharon Yon-Johansson, Community Affairs Manager for Stripes | Sunoco Convenience Stores, about an in-store cause marketing program that raised a $1.2 million for Houston-based MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Megan, Sharon and I discuss:

stripes md anderson
  • How Stripes got involved with MD Anderson Cancer Center.
  • How Stripes engaged its customers and employees in the campaign, and why choosing an a high-emotion cause was critical.
  • Why Stripes stuck with a single-amount ask at the register and how this campaign was cashier-activated program. [Wow! No pinpad!]
  • Joe asks: "What is a slush monkey?!"
  • Details on the local 4-year old child that was the face of the Stripes campaign.
  • The key role communications play in educating employees and customers about the fundraiser.
  • How a match for the campaign turned the dollars raised into $2.4 million!
  • How Stripes encouraged customers to actually strike out cancer on signs on the side of their stores.

Show Notes

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